Hatfield Secondary Technical School

By G. Philip Marris

Hatfield School, Travellers Lane
Hatfield School, Travellers Lane
Hatfield School Class Photo (1961)
Graham Forsaith (far right with arms folded)

Hatfield Secondary Technical School opened in 1953 and was originally sited in College Lane. It started with 120 boys and girls, a number that rose to about 900. It offered German rather than Latin and, according to the BBC’s “Domesday Reloaded” website, the girls at the school did needlework and cooking, while the boys did woodwork and metalwork.

In 1971, the school moved to the southern end of Travellers Lane between Hatfield and Welham Green. The school’s status changed to become a mixed-ability school. Michael Slaney was the Head Teacher.

The school closed in 1990, after which the county council re-used the site (called New Barnfield) for its Central Resources Library and other educational services. In 2011, the site became the subject of significant controversy when the county council announced its plans for a giant incinerator there, a decision that was later overturned at Government level and in the courts.

G. Philip Marris

Hatfield School Panoramic photos and lists of Pupils and Staff. 1953-1973

Please note my thanks Julie Bishop HS 1958-63, for the loan of her copy of the 1958 New Entries panoramic photo, I have copied the photo and can send it as multiple .jpg images to anyone who emails me.

my email is:     chris@wolery-crh.co.uk   Many thanks for those who have already written requesting copies of photos.

Chris Hepden HS 1957-64.


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  • Dear Amy,
    I apologise for not replying earlier to your Comment which was posted on 17/03/22, at the end of the Post/webpage titled ‘Hatfield Secondary Technical School’, which is one of 30+ Posts concerning Hatfield School, 1953-1990. I note you have been monitoring this webpage.
    I am Chris Hepden, an old pupil from the school, and I currently act as a point of contact to help old pupils to publish personal recollections of our times at the long-gone, but not forgotten school – which many of us remember as an amazing place. I also try to help old pupils, or their family/friends get back in touch.
    The Website ‘Our Hatfield’ which hosts our HS Posts/webpages is not a ‘Friends Reunited’ or ‘Facebook’ type of website, but the 60+ contacts I personally have, together with their own networks, may be able to help find your birth father.
    I hope the Staff and volunteers who run the OurHatfield website may be able to send you a version of this message and my email address so we can be in direct contact.
    Best wishes, Chris, HS 1957-’64.

    By Chris Hepden (28/11/2022)
  • Hi,
    I’m trying to find my birth dad or any information on him or his family. I think he may have gone here in the early 80s as I was born in 85. His name is Steven O Donnelly. His family has Scottish heritage and lived in Martin Close. I will bookmark this and keep an eye out. Thank you

    By Amy R (17/03/2022)
  • Just wondered if anybody knew Steven Ansell and Michael Ansell from Hatfield Grammar School late 1950s / early 1960s ? Thanks Justin Ansell

    By Justin Ansell (30/01/2022)
  • Found a photo of (some part) of the register for my year (1964) I have no idea if it is a complete listing but I post it here for interest:

    Martyn Abbott W.G.C
    Brian Albury Bengeo
    Roger Bradley Barnet
    Michael Bray Hatfield
    Michael Brenton St.Albans
    Clifford Brookes St.Albans
    Michael Brown Hatfield
    Daniel Chorlton Colney Heath
    Richard Coleman Hatfield
    Neil Collins Hatfield
    Ian Colyer Hatfield
    Gareth Coote Welham Green
    William Cotton Harpenden
    Terrence Cox Hatfield
    David Crouch Ware
    Martin Davies Hatfield
    Keith Dorrington Cuffley
    David Eastwood Harpenden
    Robert Edlin Hatfield
    Zafar Essak Harpenden
    Steven Foyle W.G.C.
    Richard Franklin Frogmore
    Peter Garrod Hatfield
    Douglas Gaylor Harpenden
    Stephen Geroe St.Albans
    David Glanville Hatfield
    Phillip Gray Bengeo
    Christopher Hackkett Hatfield
    Paul Hallam Hatfield
    David Harcourt St.Albans
    Donald Hart Hatfield
    Roger Henshaw St.Albans
    Barry Hinton Hatfield
    Gordon Holden Hatfield
    Alec Hone Hatfield
    Stephen Hull Barnet
    Peter Jackson Hatfield
    Graham James Hatfield
    Timothy Jarvis Harpenden
    Kevin Jenkins Hatfield
    Robert Johnston Hertford
    Philip Jones Hatfield
    John Kingdon Hatfield
    Timothy Littlewood Hatfield
    Michael Missenden Harpenden

    Janet Alderman Ware
    Kathryn Allard Hertford
    Karen Asplin St.Albans
    Cheryl Atkinson St.Albans
    Janice Austin Barnet
    Moira Bain Hatfield
    Christine Barker Hertford
    Susan Barnes Hatfield
    Janette Bath Hatfield
    Elizabeth Brown Hatfield
    Nicola Brunton Harpenden
    Elisabeth Cape St.Albans
    Rose Catlin Colney Heath
    Sharon Cherry Hatfield
    Alison Cowie Noth Mymms
    Valerie Dye Brookmans Park
    Helen Eustis Hatfield
    Gillian Farnes Essendon
    Marguerite Gibbins Hertford
    Elizabeth Glenn Brookmans Park
    Victoria Green St.Albans
    Katherine Griffin Brookmans Park
    Linda Hill Barnet
    Gwendoline Grey Hatfield
    Wendy Milner Hatfield
    Mallory Mynn Harlow
    Allison Nachbaur St.Albans
    Sandra Nichols Hatfield
    Sheila Pink Hatfield
    Janet Pollard Ware
    Christine Slape Hatfield
    Jacqueline Smith Hatfield
    Jennifer Surridge Hatfield
    Clare Tagg Hatfield
    Susan Walker St.Albans
    Diana Ward St.Albans
    Sheila Whitehouse Hatfield
    Angela Wilkes Hatfield
    Janet Morley Hatfield

    By Bill Cotton (22/11/2021)
  • “My very best wishes to him, my final pupil after 13 years at Hatfield School” was what Dr Hutton wrote on my summer 66 report. I being part of the 1965-72 group but didn’t arrive until Whitsun ’66 hence the comment.
    I have grillions of memories, not many of people but lots about activities. It was us as lower sixth who had to do the moving for the departments between school sites (or at least the packing up).
    It was us (Darwin) I think in the fifth year who when rattling the weekly collection carton for the Pezzalotti (sic) Children’s Village asked form teacher (and head of PE) Mr Eustace for a contribution. He told us he would only give once that term but match the class’s total given in the last collection. So we all withheld contributions for following weeks and in the final week raised £13 in one go. As that probably was a week’s wages for Mr Eustace, he reneged.
    I remember one term, our form collected board rubbers at the end of each class and brought the school to a standstill when our hoard reached 28 of them. I believe an amnesty was announced by the teaching staff if they could be returned…
    Then there was the musical interlude when persons put a lavatory chain across the strings in assembly’s grand piano. When Dr Bantick started playing the hymn his music came out like rag-time. The offenders disappeared behind the stage curtain and through the exit at the back…
    At the new site (TL) we had computer science for periods 3-4 (11am on). on Mondays As the lesson started we would be led by our teacher out through the window and over to Welham Green for a pint or three. Computer science is still my better grade A level.

    By Michael Carter (22/08/2021)
  • I was at Hatfield 1958-63. I left too soon because I was bullied. It was obviously a good school but wasted on me owing to that and my circumstances at home. Left with 7 “O” levels.
    Not particularly successful in the world of work but achieved an ambition and became a Train Driver. Now retired, not too happily and have fallen upon some evil times. Sorry to hear about some of the teachers being dead now, especially dear old Miss Rees who was my first form teacher.

    By Peter Smith (14/06/2021)
  • In response to Ken Doggrel’s post:
    “Any body remembers learning to sail on Barton Broad and staying under canvas at camp run by Herts .CC, Think Mr Morse was our leader. I went two consecutive summers.”

    Yes, I remember the HS Sailing Club trips to the camp at Barton Turf. I also went twice and really enjoyed it. In addition to the HS boats, (A GP 14 and Mirror dinghy), we had the use of the Herts CC boats: a couple of Coypus (docile glass-fibre ‘tubs’, ideal for learning to sail;) a 16-ft Wayfarer, quite exciting to sail; and a lovely traditional clinker-built ‘Norfolk Dinghy’ which could also go very nicely with a bit of a breeze. There was also a small motor boat which was used a safety boat in case anyone got into difficulties on the large expanse of Barton Broad.

    We gained enough experience to be able to hold races around the broad. The River Ant offered exploration opportunities both upstream to picturesque Wayford Bridge and Stalham village and downstream to Ludham Bridge (though we never actually got quite as far as that).

    The staff members were Don Morse and his Welsh wife Myfanwy, and Ro Eustis, plus a couple of parents. Everyone helped out with cooking and washing up duties, and the evenings were spent chatting, singing, and playing games in the large communal wooden dining ‘shed’, which had one side open to the elements.

    One memorable occasion in the shed was a very wet afternoon on 30th July 1966. Sailing was abandoned, so we all crowded into the shed around a portable wireless, and listened to England beat West Germany at Wembley, in the World Cup Final!

    The Barton camping and sailing weeks were my first introduction to the lovely Norfolk Broads and in later years my family would often hire a traditional Broads sailing cruiser and explore the other rivers and broads. Somehow we always managed to include Barton Broad and the moorings at Barton Turf in our visits.

    Happy memories indeed.

    By Steve Dumpleton (19/04/2021)
  • Any body remembers learning to sail on Barton Broad and staying under canvas at camp run by Herts .CC, Think Mr Morse was our leader. I went two consecutive summers.
    Also went by train to Germany & Austria, staying in Youth Hostels. I bought a colour print film in Berchtesgaden. Must have been 1958 as I left school in 1959. That summer I worked in DeHaviland Propellers canteen before I started Student Apprenticeship in September 1959 at ICI in WGC. Still good at DIY having the basics Woodwork & Metalwork at the school.

    By Ken Doggrell (13/03/2021)
  • Liz Slaney wasn’t there a Suzanna Slaney? I went to Hatfield School.
    Debbie Radford

    By Debbie Newton (12/01/2021)
  • Well, how interesting to read about my old school!
    Many, many memories, including the fact that I did not, at the time, appreciate the opportunity I had been given after passing the 11+.
    ‘Lazy Peter Agate’ and ‘too easily satisfied with his own efforts’ were two comments on the reports I still have to this day. Great big maroon foolscap sized booklets, that forever followed you through the school.
    After passing the 11+ and finding I was going to HS, Dad got into the PTA and we were working on projects even before I started. I recall doing some work in the quad, building or cleaning out a pond.
    I arrived in 1963 and left in 1967 when my late father’s job took us to Essex. I was in Darwin, with another contributor here, Lorna Bain. We did communicate some years ago via F/R but that is all lost to me.
    So arrival, the school photograph. At one end Hutton junior. At the other end, Hutton junior again! David had scooted from one end to the other as the very slow panoramic camera slowly wound its way across the assembled pupils and staff. we having been told to sit stock still! has anyone else noted this?
    For some reason i had the nickname Eggs, although I don’t recall why.
    Some friends I recall are Peter Dymond, Gerald (Jez) Barker, Stephen Dumpleton, John (Barrel) Churn, Lorna Bain, Helen Brown, Penny Cummins, Anita Clark, Christopher Broadbent. Graham Bean, Mark Keith, Roland Knight, Mark Sherriff. I found a Facebook entry for him, only because I was searching for Hatfield School and he has it on his bio. I’m not on FB so cannot see more.
    Teachers that come to mind are Mr Wolf, Geography, Mr Bristow, German. He had a beard and was nicknamed Bubbles by his class, they drew hundreds of bubbles on the revolving ‘blackboards’ as a birthday hoot. Other teachers I recall are noted elsewhere.
    Another contributor here, Linda Hill, was a girl I had a crush on when in the second year. we were in those classrooms just off the dining hall that had curtains to section them off. Her class was next door, and I left her a note in her locker that said ‘I love you Linda Hill.’ Happy days.
    In the third year I had a friendship with Sue Mussard, who was in the second. She came to see me when I was working in what became the Budgie Cafe at the bottom of Dixon’s Hill Road near Welham Green. Lovely girl.
    Alan Fluff Freeman did the OMO adverts on the roof of the school. White clad dollies in white Vauxhall Victors would drive up the road the the school and the camera would pan round to Fluff for his sell. I was hanging out the window one day and he walked past and said hello. One time one of the girls lost it and stacked a car into another, much to our amusement.
    Cigarettes entered my world via HS. Some lads used to go into the woods behind the school for a crafty fag. After smoking a roll-up for the first time, and being encouraged to take a deep drag, I spent the afternoon in the quad feeling very queasy, much to the amusement of classmates.
    Swimming played a big part for me, and lunchtimes would see me often in the pool. Always freezing!
    Pirate radio was big then too. A small transistor radio in my inside pocket with the earpiece wire down my arm into my palm. Hand on ear, Radio London beat Geography every time!
    Realistically I could have done better had I tried, but leaving to go to Barstable Grammar School in Essex turned out to be a good move as it shook me up a bit, but that’s another story.
    Thanks to the webmaster, it’s great to be able to see old photos and read other’s memories. A really special time ’63-’67

    By Peter Agate (09/11/2020)
  • Message to Liz Walker (nee Slaney) – or anyone who knows how to contact her.

    Dear Liz, we’ve never met, but share some heritage through Hatfield School.
    I only discovered the OurHatfield webpages some time later than your last submission, and would like to send you a longer email, if you’d be kind enough to contact me at [chris@wolery-crh.co.uk].
    Best wishes, Chris Hepden HS 1957-64.

    By Chris Hepden (13/09/2020)
  • A past pupil who studied for his A-Levels at HS in 1971-73 has recently emailed me. He was, and still is, from Hong Kong, and may well be adding a Post to the website soon.
    His name is Ming Tam, and would be pleased to hear from anyone who was at HS in his years. Please email me at [chris@wolery-crh.co.uk] and I’ll forward him a contact message.
    He has also sent me a hi-res copy of the 1973 Upper Sixth panoramic photo – email me if you’d like a copy.
    Chris Hepden HS 1957-64.

    By Chris Hepden (12/09/2020)
  • Response to comment from Jeff Ellis dated 31/8/20.

    Dear Jeff
    I was very interested to read your comment dated 30/8/20 on the OurHatfield’s Hatfield School page which contains the majority of general Commment submissions, – ie the one with the URL:

    I was at HS as well – between 1957 and 1964, so I missed meeting you by 4+ years, however reading all the submissions made to the various HS pages on that site I’m still pleased to see the number of old pupils with long-lasting and most-usually favourable memories of being at the school.
    I’d be pleased if you would email me at [chris@wolery-crh.co.uk] as there are several topics it would be good to share, though not necessarily with everybody straight away. You’ll see that I’ve made several comments on the same page as you, and have posted some more specific pages too. You may have discovered that the least-difficult way to find (nearly) all the HS pages is via the hot-linked icons on the page at https://www.ourhatfield.org.uk/content/category/hatfield-school.

    I have a growing list of contacts with old HS pupils – see my comment below dated 26/7/20 – and will tell those who might have been at HS overlapping with you that you have published a list of fellow-pupils.

    Best regards, Chris Hepden.

    By Chris Hepden (01/09/2020)
  • I have stumbled across this page after having been researching the school. I was at the school from 1968 and if I had continued with the sixth form I would have appeared in the photos shown elsewhere, but my father got a job in Jersey so I left at the end of the fifth form.

    For some reason I memorised the register for my class which was in Faraday:-
    Anne Freund
    Karen Furnell
    Linda Gower
    Julie Green
    Heather Hardy
    Karin Harvey
    Claire Harris
    Deborah Harris
    Elaine Holzel
    Diana King
    Judith Kohn
    Julia Lewis

    and then the boys
    Mark Durkin
    Richard ‘Bernie’ Edlin
    David ‘Spud’ Edwards
    Robert Edwards
    David ‘Jolly’ Eldridge
    Alan Ellis
    Roger Eustace
    Graham Evans
    Stephen Evans
    Donald Flockhart
    Graham Freakes
    Michael Gillespie
    Neil Goodrich
    Ian Heine
    Andrew Hoddart
    Bill Howarth
    Glen Humbles
    Ian Humphrey

    Our form master was Mr Williams the head of art

    The others I remember are
    Paul Smeeton (Tech Drawing)
    Brynmore Goodfellow (woodwork)
    Dr. Frankl (French)
    Mr Green (English)
    Lesley Murphy (English)
    Mr Morse (maths) (his favourite threat was to rip your leg off and beat you to death with the wet end!)
    Mrs Mills (english)
    Mr Russell (metal work)
    Mr Hughes (chemistry)
    Mr Huntingdon (‘Gastaps”) (Physics)
    Mr Eustace (PE)
    Mr Ball (music)
    Mr Shepherd (RE)
    Glen Christian (PE and geography)
    Mr Vintner (history)
    The deputy head was Mr Pidcock and I remember that Philip Madoc the actor did a couple of terms. I remember his readings in Assembly.

    It’s all a long way and time away now. I have been living in Scotland for the best part of the last 20 years.

    By Jeff Ellis (31/08/2020)
  • Musical reminiscences of Hatfield, on YouTube.

    Old pupils, especially those who lived in or near Hatfield in the 1950s, may find the song and sequenced illustrations/photos which are available at
    [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbLwaeGBsXE ]
    surprisingly poignant reminders of those youthful times, including being at Hatfield School.
    The song was written and performed by one of our HS friends, Allan Richardson HS 1955-62, who is a prolific Folk singer and songwriter. This is one of a lifetime of songs he has written and performed.

    Initially it sounds like a slow, almost unexciting reminiscence, but the combination of music and photos is actually quite powerful, and takes you back before you’ve realised it.

    Chris Hepden.

    By Chris Hepden (24/08/2020)
  • Reply to Pauline Stuart – seeking John Booth + twin sister – submission 27/7/20.

    Hallo Pauline, I have searched the school admissions registers for September 1953 to September 1966, and found only 2 Booths:

    Pamela Booth, Sep 1953 to? 58 or 60
    Graham Booth, Sep 1958 to? 63 or 65

    I found one Stewart, but no Stuarts at all, so assume you joined the school later than 1966, as presumably did the Booth twins.

    I left in 1964, but am in contact with several pupils and staff who were there in later years – with a little more info I could ask further. As you didn’t say how you could be contacted, please email me if you have any further information which might help; my email address is shown in another comment I submitted to this page 3 days earlier than yours.

    Regards, Chris Hepden, HS 1957-64.


    By Chris Hepden (05/08/2020)
  • Does anyone remember John Booth? He had a twin sister. They would have attended in the 60/70’s. Would love to get back in touch.

    By Pauline Stuart (29/07/2020)
  • Current old Hatfield School contacts

    Since posting a comment in November 2019 I have had the good luck to make a number of new or renewed HS contacts through OurHatfield’s Hatfield School pages. My current list of old HS contacts is below.

    I have recently combined the Names which were in this Comment and another I submitted in 13/11/19, in a new Post entitled “Chris Hepden’s Hatfield School Contacts…..” which I shall keep updated as more people write.
    Chris, 22/3/21

    Also, in past years, well after my leaving in 1964, I was in touch with the following staff; some of their letters might make interesting reading to other old pupils.

    David Cregan, d.2015
    Stella (English) d.2018, and Bernard Mills (English) d.2014
    Gwen Hitchcock (nee Rees) (English) d.2017
    Leo MacDowell (German, later Head), d.2011?
    Kenneth d.1987 & Barbara d.2015 Hutton.
    Molly Fitzpatrick (Snr Mistress, Dom. Sci.?)
    Ken Burley (Music)
    Bill Huntingdon (Physics)

    Chris Hepden 1957-64

    By Chris Hepden (26/07/2020)
  • The tradition of Drama at Hatfield School.

    The earlier years of HS were memorable to many, for the establishing of a tradition of Drama and dramatic productions – which to an outsider might have seemed an unlikely interest in a school originally named Hatfield Technical School.
    Unlikely or not, it definitely happened, and I believe it’s worthy of a new page in OurHatfield.

    The highlights for many will probably the Burley-Cregan musicals – ‘Lovers and Lunatics’, and ‘The Wind on the Heath’ – but there were many other events, all involving teams of people – where are you now ? I soon realised my limits as a performer, but simply being involved was great.

    Please would anyone who has recollections of drama productions or any other performance events, including being involved in them, even performing, send me an email to [chris@wolery-crh.co.uk.] with a summary of your memories, including listing photos etc.

    Once we’ve started the new page with some anchor events, we can add more details.

    In hope, Chris Hepden HS 1957-64.

    By Chris Hepden (21/07/2020)
  • Ahh! Mills, Morse, Patzfitrick, Fitall, Breeze and the dreaded Hutton. Names to savour even if the didn’t understand dyslexia.

    By John Rennocks (24/05/2020)
  • I like others found this page purely by chance and it brought Bank some fantastic memories. I was there from 1956 to 1962 and almost all my memories are good. Generally in the ‘c’ stream but did OK in the end after Vic Mills persuaded me a I’d have to do some work in the last couple of years. Always was a slow starter but he would have been proud of me graduating in history at age 75! I was in Faraday – the BEST house. Will write further when I have read through this blog!

    By JohnRennocks (24/05/2020)
  • Title: Photos of Hatfield Pupils 1963, from Julie Bishop

    This posting was submitted on Julie Bishop’s behalf, and with her permission, by Chris Hepden, HS 1957-64.

    If anyone wants to email me, Chris Hepden, whose email address is chris@wolery-crh.co.uk has offered to forward messages to me.

    I was a pupil at Hatfield School from September 1958 until July 1963. After so many years I still have vivid and pleasant memories of my time there. I’m grateful for the education I gained, which set me up well for my career – almost 35 enjoyable and successful years with the Midland/HSBC.

    The ever-youthful friends in these photos are:

    JB01 – Sylvia Blyther, Julie Bishop

    JB02 – Gloria Boyes, Linda Grant

    JB03 – Linda Grant
    -Janette Cook, Julie Bishop, Sylvia Blyther
    – Margaret Cook, Yvonne Davies

    JB04 – Julie Bishop, Sylvia Blyther, Janette Cooke
    – Arthur Matheson, Peter Copping, David Harkess, Margaret Cook, Alan Parkes, Yvonne Davies.

    JB05 – Janette Cook, Sylvia Blyther, Julie Bishop

    I’m still in touch with Anne Briggs (now Harmer), and Marian Hopgood (now Miller), and I recall enjoying German lessons from Ivor Knight. I also remember Eric Breeze (Physics), who was a neighbour when I lived in Hatfield. I used to feel quite honoured when he gave me a lift to school in his Daimler! But I don’t mind admitting that at 12 years old I found him a bit formidable.

    I’m also pleased to have been able to provide a copy of the September 1958 New Entry panoramic photo – now or soon to be listed in the posting elsewhere in these pages. I hope some other old friends may find some familiar young images there.
    Julie Bishop – now Julie Capasso – HS Pupil 1958-63.

    By Chris Hepden (31/03/2020)
  • David Hutton post Hatfield School of Music And Drama has been moved to -> https://www.ourhatfield.org.uk/content/new-contributions/hatfield-school-of-music-and-drama

    By Derek Martindale (26/01/2020)
  • As only a recent contributor to these Hatfield School pages – this is my third message, the first was posted on 13/11/19 – this one is a response to topics raised by several earlier contributors. Click on the link to view https://www.ourhatfield.org.uk/content/new-contributions/this-is-a-response-to-topics-raised-by-several-earlier-contributors

    By Chris Hepden (17/01/2020)
  • I was at the school from 1972 until 1977 and was in Darwin based up in L3 the language block My form tutor was Mrs Slade in the first year then from year 2 Mr (Glen) Christian People I remember Tom Bradbeer, Zoe Dixon, Linda Durx, (sorry if I spelt it wrong ) Sharon Gentle, Debby Dowsett, Andrew Clark, Peter Clark, Alan Clacton, (who I am still in contact with) Steve Childs, Celia Jones, Paul Bailey, Steve Bailey, Glyn Cartwright, Tim Bedford, Mandy Cuckow, Peter Bartmier, Mark foster, Mark Allen, Tim Madocks, Phil Wasmuth, Kevin Terry.
    Paul Thompson all from my year I am sure more will come to me later I was what you might call a challenging Pupil and spent most evenings in Detention most peoples day would finish at 4 o’clock mine used to finish at 5 one hour each night being spent in E 4 writing out the school rules I was also a regular visitor to Mr Slaneys office and I took a keen interest in his fish tank as this was often my savior during a roasting as I would point out that there was a problem with it and would be despatched to go and get a remedy from Aquarius in old Hatfield on my bike i think it was his way of connecting with an interest and maybe get through to me Mr Mcdowell was not quite so tolerant and Mr Tarver was just exasperated with me I am pleased to read that Mr Slaney is still going strong I would love to know if Glen Christian is still about And would like to hear from anyone that remembers me from that far back

    By Alan Cooper (07/01/2020)
  • Sorry for the error. My husband Terence Richards was in Hatfield Grammar School in both sites from 1965
    — 1972. He would like to be contacted on email. terencerichards0@gmail.com , for information regarding any reunion dates. Thank you.

    By Shameem Richards (16/12/2019)
  • My husband Terence Richards went to Hatfield School from 1964 to 1971. He would like to go to the reunion in The Red Lion. If anyone knows him , he like to be contacted.

    By Shameem Richards (14/12/2019)
  • Further to this page I used to cycle from Harpenden to HS on many many occasions.
    We used to smoke on the trip.
    We had a Canadian teacher for a while. Or should I say a teacher from Canada ?
    Shows how much attention I gave to study.
    One of our teachers had a black Ford Anglia and when I wasn’t cycling to school, he sometimes gave me a lift.
    My younger brother Richard Forsaith (RIP) went to HS as well.
    Good days really. I am 74 now and have developed cancer. Now that’s no good is it ?

    By Graham Forsaith (19/11/2019)
  • I attended Hatfield School from September 1957 to July 1964. The culture shock at joining a 600+ pupil co-ed school, almost all strangers) 12 miles and 3 buses from home, after a 250 pupil co-ed junior school a 15 minute walk from home, is still vivid. However I remembered the headmaster had been friendly at my 11-plus interview, and was gradually reassured that the other staff I met were also kind – some still a bit frightening – so like almost everyone else I slowly settled in.

    As the years progressed and I found the teachers approachable, and variously fun, imaginative, very diligent, only a relative few were hard work or really boring.
    I made some really good friends; I found the work manageable, and realised just how many extra-curricular activities were available to join, or even start up fresh, with other pupils with a similar interest. I came to love the place. I gradually realised that Hatfield wasn’t like any other secondary school in my (admittedly limited) experience, and by the time I had to leave it had helped and changed me, and I was grateful, and part of me was reluctant to move on.

    ‘IT’ was the people – staff and pupils and parents, the wide range of subjects and activities, and the positive spirit which gave one confidence; the feeling that one could do so much, and be excited, and often succeed. I have read on these webpages that the ethos and spirit was carried forward when the school moved to Travellers Lane, but those who knew both sites feel they missed some of the earlier opportunities.

    55 years on I am even more grateful, so to read the recollections of many other HS pupils, many of you recalling the same gratitude at being part of a unique experience, is more than heartening. I think that Laura Joy’s (Bain’s) compelling and passionate contribution posted 10/5/17, should be edited into the introductory text of this webpage (originally by G Philip Marris ?), to show how it really felt, and clearly still feels to many of us.

    I also offer as further background, the following edited version of a text I wrote fairly recently for friends of Miss Gwen Rees (HS English teacher 1956-64), later Gwen Hitchcock, to introduce them to Gwen’s life at HS. It was used at her funeral in 2017.

    Hatfield was was one of a new type of selective entry secondary school established from the early 1950s, under provisions within the 1944 Butler Education Act. They were known as Technical Schools, adding a wider range of science and technical subjects and more modern languages, to most of the traditional subjects taught in Grammar Schools. It was a mixed school, opened in 1953 under the headship of Dr Kenneth Hutton, an experienced Chemistry teacher, a Russian and German speaker, with also a passion for serious music, but with at that time – I am advised – little experience of the state school system. He had an energy and enthusiasm which he demonstrated first by his quite varied choice of staff. They were often younger than in other secondary schools, and were pleased with the fairly relaxed manner in which the school was run.

    Kenneth encouraged a wide range of extra curricular activities, and established self-help networking by developing a vigorous Parent-Teacher association, without which there would have been no swimming pool nor sixth-form common-room, and our parents would have had a less close view of our school.
    In the 1990’s I was advised by John Bantick, (Music), that Kenneth’s success at getting things moving and making the school so diverse was because he refused to allow his hands to be tied by the beaurocracy at County Hall; also by his employment of such people as David Cregan (English & Drama) and Philip Madoc (Drama?) on short term contracts.

    I’m still in contact with the following:

    I have recently moved and combined the Names which were in this Comment and another I submitted in 26/7/20, in a new Post entitled “Chris Hepden’s Hatfield School Contacts…..” which I shall keep updated as more people write.
    Chris, 22/3/21

    Also, in past years
    David Cregan, d.
    Stella (English) d.2018, and Bernard Mills (English) d.2014
    Gwen Hitchcock (nee Rees) (English) d.2017
    Leo MacDowell (German, later Head), d.2011?
    Molly Fitzpatrick (Snr Mistress, Dom. Sci.?)
    Ken Burley (Music)
    Bill Huntingdon (Physics)
    Kenneth d.1987 & Barbara d.2015 Hutton.

    In the early 1990s, after the final closure of HS, I tried to create a list of past pupils who might wish to keep in contact with others. I must confess that I underestimated the task, and ‘though I received many friendly and enthusiastic replies, I failed to get/keep the initiative going. I fear that some of them may groan at seeing my name again. To any who I disappointed then, I apologise sincerely for my over-ambition.

    This submission is already very long, so I’ll break now.
    I’ll write again to reply to some of those who have already shared their recollections, and to offer copies of School photos and documents which I still have.

    Chris Hepden, 1957-64.
    email: chris@wolery-crh.co.uk

    By Chris Hepden (13/11/2019)
  • I think the original address was Roe Green Lane. It became College Lane much later, after Roe Green Lane was divided by the bridge (where the Galleria is now).
    I was at the school from 1956-64 and am still grateful for the splendid education I received there – even if Dr Hutton and I disagreed about the value of music as an academic subject for university!

    By Beryl Foster (05/11/2019)
  • I have a photograph taken in 1974 of the (then) UVI. This includes Hazel Rasheed (nee Mead), Lesley Taylor, Jenny Taylor, Sue Wallis and Sue Lewis. I have also had contact from Graham King from the same intake. Please contact me on miketrewhella@aol.com

    By Michael Trewhella (19/10/2019)
  • I attended this school from 1976 until my expulsion in 1980 (right before final 5th form exams).
    I remember….
    Mr Slaney – I accidentally ran him over on my horse!
    Mr Tarver – sitting in French cafes over a few Vodka shots
    Mr Mc Dowel – he expelled me for fighting!
    Mrs Cunningham – she used to lean over the boys and her enormous bossoms would rest on the boys heads! LOL
    Mr Mills – turtle neck history teacher!
    Mr Brown – humiliated me in maths class because he happened to be gazing out his window at the precise moment Tracey Allen pulled my bikini bottom off as I was climbing out the pool!
    Richard Clothier (top poster) I was in your class!

    By Sarah Calder (09/10/2019)
  • I was a pupil at Hatfield secondary from 1976-83
    A pretty listless and unfocused child after 5 years of education I had 1 O level in art and another in drama.

    Despite the lack of academic achievement the school allowed me to return to the 6th form and at the end of a further 2 years education my net gain was 1 A level in Drama.
    I often think about how different it would be for a child today with educational institutions forced to attain achievement levels etc, I’m pretty certain they would not be allowed to stay on to finish 6th form with school resources being so stretched

    I owe Mr Slaney and Mr McDowell and a wonderful drama teacher called Peter Nichols a huge debt of gratitude as those 2 years shaped my future career and life.

    I have been an actor for 30 years now.

    A couple of months ago I started filming an American TV series called Pennyworth playing the Prime Minister and the location for the first days filming was Hatfield House. As I was being driven in from London we came into Hatfield on the old A1 via Welham Green passing the old school site and I thought to myself how lucky I had been to have gone to that school where an academic duffer was given time space and support to find himself.
    Liz Slaney please pass on my thanks to your Father.

    By Richard Clothier (26/04/2019)
  • I was a pupil at Hatfield School from 1959 to 1964 under Dr Hutton as Head. I am now retired and live in the North of England and would really like to get in touch with anyone who was there at the same time.

    By Brian Hill (10/03/2019)
  • What a pleasure to read that Michael Slaney is “alive and walking “. He took over from Ken Hutton when I entered the sixth form in 1965. He took an interest in me when I needed some direction .At the time the school sponsored child refugees from central Europe and it was called the Ockendon Venture.Mr Slaney put me in charge of collecting the funds. Unfortunately he had to put on my report when I left in July 1967 that I was the only pupil to leave that summer ,with no idea what I was going to do. It took me another three years to work that out and I ended up teaching Special Needs for 18 years and another 12 years teaching Geography in the South Wales valleys in West Glamorgan. Hatfield School was a unique institution in that it taught such a diverse range of subjects both technical and academic.It had a caring atmosphere .However because it drew pupils from a large area it was always very difficult to form long lasting friendships that continued beyond ones schooldays. Sadly I have never met anyone I knew in school since I left all those years ago. Ironically I was more likely to bump into Michael Slaney who was playing the organ just down the coast in St Davids. Liz ,please give him my best wishes and thanks.,
    Chris Swingler 1960 /67

    By Chris Swingler (09/03/2019)
  • How lovely reading about these people I remember so well. I am Liz Slaney ( now Walker). Lots of people have been asking about my dad. He did move to Wales and was one of the organists at st David’s cathedral. Him and my mum had a great life there but unfortunately my dad’s eyesight is really poor and he had to give up driving so they moved to the south coast two years ago to be near me and my brother. He is 89 this year and is still as fit as a fiddle. He is planning on walking the South Downs Way in the year leading up to 90!!! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Will also pass on these lovely comments to him.

    By Liz Walker (19/02/2019)
  • I went to Hatfield Secondary from 1972-1975 with Elizabeth Slaney and others Andrew Webster, Paul Legget, Helen Lewis, Julie Lewis, Tracy Roberts and many others whose names I forget. I have lived in South Africa for the past 43 years and often think about my town and the school. As for MR. Slaney he was always nice to me for what reason I have no idea, I was not the best student. If any one from that time reads this write a note, maybe you remember some of these people and may been even myself .

    By Andrew Juggins (12/02/2019)
  • Is that 5D?
    I think I am sitting bottom right in the photo of 1961. I can recognise Lynda Linton and Carol Wallbank (sadly died) too. We had a farewell party before we all went our separate ways
    Was called Manning then

    By Jenny Wistreich (01/02/2019)
  • I was at Hatfield School from 1974 until 1977. Most of the times were OK. I graduated at the Hatfield Poly on College Lane, Roehyde in 1982 with an HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
    Teachers I remember
    Chris Young Geography
    Janice Hetherington Geography
    Judy Gwilliam *who moved to Nassau Bohamas in 1977.
    Peter Smeeton Tech Drawing and metalwork
    Peter Green Geography
    Vic Mills History
    Mr Nash History
    Daphne Skinner Chemistry she was an excellent teacher.
    Ted Hughes Chemistry
    Fred Rimel Physics he was a good teacher
    Michael Slaney Headmaster
    Brian McDowell Deputy Head
    Mike Tarver Deputy Head
    Glen Christian PE
    Peter Eustace PE
    Colin Southward PE
    Mike Huddie Maths
    Barry Thomas Maths
    Paul Hall Maths and Computer Science
    Fred Frankl German
    Ian Harrold Computer Science and Music
    Mary Catty English
    Miss Cunningham English
    Colin Tattle Geography
    Lawson Brown Maths
    Kevin Flowers Maths

    Judy Gwilliam was our form tutor except for the last year when Peter Smeeton took over.
    I have no idea what happened to Michael Slaney post 1990. I do know he had a daughter who attended the school at the same time. I think her name was Liz.

    Pupils I remember in my form were
    Jonathon Winkworth
    Keith Waterman
    Kevin Wright
    Andy Tinsley
    Samantha Strobat
    Tina Heath
    Mark Williamson
    Simon Wooler

    By Tim Johnson (27/10/2018)
  • I was there 64 – 69.
    I was in Darwin and I remember Mrs Bantick was our form teacher for a while. Dr. Hutton was head when I started, Mr. Slaney when I left. Miss Greene? for English. Mr. Huntingdon for Physics? Had a schoolboy crush for Karen Asplin in my class – haven’t seen or heard anything of her since then. It was a good school I had a great time there. The only sad bit was the commute from Harpenden each day.

    By Bill Cotton (08/08/2018)
  • I went to Hatfield school 1974 to 1979 formally Owen. I remember Mr Slaney; he was a great musician. I hated the walk to and from school as we lived on The Ryde.

    By Karen Cameron (28/07/2018)
  • Attended Hatfield School 1966-1971with my twin, Geoff.
    I joined the County Council in Hertford at 16 and Geoff went on to University. He has been teaching for nearly forty years. I retired from HCC after 40 years. We are involved with twin research at Saint Thomas’ s unit in London – the biggest twin research unit in the world. We are still very close and meet up regularly. Brother Dave and sisters ( Linda and Sandra) also attended the school. Very fond memories. We were involved in school drama and have Peter Green ( geography teacher) to thank for that. Also really liked our German teacher – Dr Frankel, and many others.

    By KEITH SHEPHARD (24/07/2018)
  • I was a student at Hatfield School in its last days from 84 to its closure when we were forced to do our upper sixth year at St Onslow and Bishop’s Hatfield. Seeing the pics of the old building and the monument bring it all flooding back. Fave teachers Mr Wright (English) was a a legend in his escort xr3i; the lovely Mrs Wheel who let us get away with murder in RE; Leo McDowell in German, who inspired me to teach. Others I remember: Mrs Skinner with her orange face; Streaky Gordon who used to scream at us for leaving surfaces dirty in home economics; Mr Allen who used to stroke his legs inappropriately in maths; Dr Krista Kristodoulou with his lisp, leathers and moped; Mr Christian the smoking PE teacher. Other alumni are too nervous to mention but I do owe Hatfield School fond memories of my first love, Julie Bruin happy days,

    By Claude Martin (19/05/2018)
  • From an internet search two years ago I think, I learned that Michael Slaney was a regular organist in the churches of Wales. He was a good musician and had to decide between maths and music when he went to university.

    By Miles Felton (29/04/2018)
  • I was at the school between 1965 and 1972. Our House, Darwin was overseen by John Bantick and then Mr. Eustace took over in the second year. Our various teachers were, Mrs Townsend, Physics, Mr. Hughes Chemistry; Mr Pidcock (deputy HM and Tuck Shop runner) Mr. Morse who really taught me Maths, Dr. Frankl for German, previously by Terry Hickson and Madoc for German Supply. We had a blonde bombshell for PE… confused hormonal adolescent boys. Bryn Jones for Woodwork. Smeeton for TD. Our reunion group gets together every February and although I hated school and its bullying classmates with a passion I am a little tempted to return and meet up with some of the good guys…. Facebook message me on the above name or text me on 07889 693681 – I am sure there are other Alumni who can pinpoint people we are looking for as well as we providing info on others…. In particular if anyone has an idea as to where the following are… Phil Ballard, Barry Dodge, Mark Capsey, Barry Crick and Stephen Farr as well as Cghristine Callen, Sue Dartnell and Janet Boulter it would be a great help.

    By Peter Callomon (23/04/2018)
  • I was a pupil at Hatfield School between 1961 and 66. For the final 3 years, my class and Maths teacher was Mrs Bantick whom I remember with affection and a great deal of respect. Although I left with minimal qualifications, I could not quite keep away as I later returned to the site itself to study and later still, teach, at the University of Hertfordshire.

    By Ray Howell (01/04/2018)
  • I went to this school ’71 to ’76. Left Xmas ’76 to move to Cumbria.
    Had Glenn Christian as our form tutor.

    By Glynn Cartwright (18/03/2018)
  • I was at Hatfield Tech, Grammar School from 1956 -1959. I remember Mr. Spence (art), Mr. Gregory (German), Miss Fitall (maths), Mr Alison & I remembered Raymond Dunne (2 yrs ahead of me). Great school.

    By Margaret Peters (Farrell) (26/02/2018)
  • I went to the Hatfield School from 1980-1984 before returning back to my home country Canada to finish Grade 11 &12. I remember having Mr. Nash in 1980, quite a strict teacher. Mr. Gwilliam was our shop teacher; I believe he was fresh out of University. I recall one student did a camp-out at the top of the chimney tower to raise money; anyone remember this? Mr. Daniels was my Geography teacher and I believe he married the History teacher at Hatfield school. I returned in 1992 with my wife and drove back to the school, was very sad to see it was closed, I walked into the old racquet ball court and there were still some old team photos hanging on the wall from the 70’s, the swimming pool was drained and in disrepair. It was quite depressing after having so many good memories of playing tag with the other kids and climbing the wall at the front entrance. I took my kids there on a return trip in 2007, still brought back good memories even then.

    By Mike Barnes (05/01/2018)
  • Wow just found this page whilst surfing the net.
    My name is Paul Gosbee. Was at Hatfield School from 1966 to 1973 so went to school at both sites. Was in Darwin house. Seen a few names on this blog I recognise. Currently I am in South Africa involved with mission activities for 3 years after retiring 5 years ago from teaching. Anyone know happened to the head Michael Slaney?

    By Paul Gosbee (07/06/2017)
  • I will never forget walking home across the playing fields after school with John Mayne and another guy. We were all about 13 years old or thereabouts. Across the distance came three guys from St Audrey’s and they threatened us, I remember John Mayne walking up to one of them and ripping his shirt from neck to waist and then just calmly stepping back . For the St Audrey’s boys it was a salutary lesson in not messing with Hatfield School kids. I recall we never had problems with St Audrey’s after that. Happy days and well done John. Wherever you might be. That was impressive.

    By Pete (20/05/2017)
  • Michael Browne (below) is correct, it was not a grammar school it was officially named Hatfield Secondary Technical School [thanks for the clarification – I have removed the word “Grammar” from the above article – Ed.], but it was quite unique. I will try to write a piece from an Arts point of view, to complement David Clarke’s piece on computers, but later perhaps. I have yet to come across a school in the public sector offering such a breadth of education at that time, or such equality. The girls did woodwork and metalwork (Mr Smeeton let us make copper jewellery which was in vogue then in 1964) and the boys did cookery and needlework for at least a term, although some boys took cookery to A level and my sister and her friend took O level woodwork. There were some teachers who didn’t really want girls to do chemistry, but that was their own private prejudice, not school policy! Everyone had to learn German, as that was the most useful language for science, and if you were good at German, you were encouraged to learn Russian, also important for scientific research. I learnt 4 foreign languages at that school, one an extra O level in the sixth form. We had theatre trips, saw new films at The Odeon Leicester Square, had visiting poets and musicians who turned out later to be really famous, in particular the guitarist John Williams, and the poet Sheamus Heanney. Films were made by staff and pupils (before my time), but we had amazing drama productions, perhaps due to the fact that David Cregan (the playwright, later of Orange Tree Theatre fame) was one of our English teachers. The drama lessons with him were inspirational! And although he didn’t teach me, Philip Madoc, the actor, taught German conversation for a while (and as a fluent German speaker I can tell you his German was flawless!), I’ll just never forget suddenly seeing him for the first time there, wondering what the “baddy” from the Dr Who and the Daleks film I’d just seen, was doing in my school canteen!!! They made a grave error when they first cut it’s funding when it moved (they were never given an equivalent of the sixth form common room again, even though it had been built by parents and pupils), and then closed it down in 1991. Such a history. It made people like David Clarke and me, and I will be eternally grateful to all its staff. I’m proud to have been a pupil there!

    By Lorna Joy (was Bain) (10/05/2017)
  • I went to Hatfield School in 1971 – 1976.
    Being the first year of a new school I remember the first day in the hall when ALL the pupils were gathered and we were given a map showing the layout of the rooms.
    The lecturer commented that as first year pupils we wouldn’t get sent to the wrong rooms by senior students as THEY didn’t know where they were either.
    I used to play (with varying degrees of success) in the school orchestra. Does anyone have a copy of the recordings that were made?
    Also does anyone have the e-mail address for Mr Rook our music teacher? I still owe him five pounds and would like to pay it back. (with interest of course).

    By Joe McInerney (04/05/2017)
  • My name is Chris Swingler and I attended Hatfield school from 1960 to 1967. I also had two brothers at the school called Nick and Gordon /Richard (titch). I think John Churchill was a prefect at the time and let me borrow a copy of what was then an illegal copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Unfortunately I was caught with it by I think Mr Sircombe and arraigned before the head who asked me what I thought of it. I had only got to page 40 and so far very boring! Chris Young took me to Wales on field courses and subsequently I hitch-hiked there one day, became a teacher and did not return for 35 years. A brilliant school that gave me skills that have never left me.

    By Chris Swingler (29/04/2017)
  • Hi, my mother in law is looking for an old Hatfield School friend called Elizabeth/Liz Western, around the mid-sixties as Barbara is 67. She was Barbara Wojcik and is now known as Barbara Shead. Also a friend Paul Fitzpatrick. I wonder if anyone can help. My name is Frances Shead and I would be grateful if anyone could help. Many thanks.

    By francee (16/03/2017)
  • I well remember the sailing on the Norfolk Broads. We took a really well built dinghy with us and I was a small part of the building of said vessel. It was constructed from marine ply wood and initially built in a corridor recess near the woodworking room. Our teacher ( I forget his name ) was also building a guitar for himself. Very smart bloke. He also owned on old three wheeler called a Bond I think.
    Above someone mentioned Mrs Fitzpatrick. She was my geography teacher and we used a reference book written by a relative of mine with my surname.
    A distant cousin or aunt.
    On reflection the time I spent there ( 5 years ) was OK. School was never my thing however and I left advanced education to very late in life, in Australia.
    I lived in Harpenden and was in the 3rd Harpenden Scouts.
    That’s it, now you all know too much already.

    By Graham Forsaith (02/03/2017)
  • I was a pupil in the same class as Michael Trewhella from 1967 until 1974 at both the College Lane and the Travellers Lane sites. I have kept in touch with friends from our class all this time and we meet up with our husbands twice a year and have fun times together. Us girls all turned 60 last year and we had a celebration weekend with our men. Who remembers us? Hazel Mead (me), Lesley Taylor, Jenny Taylor, Sue Wallis and Sue Lewis? We talk about school days often which they enjoy but for me I’d rather forget them!

    By Hazel Rasheed (was Mead) (13/02/2017)
  • I was at Hatfield School from I think the third intake ( 1956 ? ) through to when I left at age 16. Dr Hutton was the very strict Head Master and the feeling of youthful relief was amazing as I finally walked away from secondary schooling for ever.

    I do have a class picture if anybody wants it [now added, see above – Ed]

    By Graham Forsaith (10/02/2017)
  • I went twice camping and sailing on Barton Broad. My second visit I could take GP14 out by myself. I remember having to capsize and right a sailing boat as part of instruction. Course was run by Herts County Council. An excellent instructor. I recall Mr. Morse.

    I also went by train on a School trip to Germany and Austria, staying in Youth Hostels in Berchesgarten and Zell am Zee. Got some colour photos somewhere.

    I did go back to old classroom, some years later whilst on a course at Hatfield Polytechnic.

    By Ken Doggrell (18/09/2016)
  • Was there from autumn 55 and of course remember la belle Lorna.  Have since lost stuff moving around abroad but have in front of me now a Postcard with aerial view of Hatfield School, dated March 1954. Plus several b&w pics of work underway when we pupils built the 6th form common room, up in the top RH corner of the hollow square against, I believe, the library. At 16 I was happily operating a Kango hammer, no damn Elf and Safety then! AND formal permission to dig up the school!! Pics show Richard Dunne, Ron Smith, me, ANO. 

    A great school, with a brilliant Head in Hutton. You had to like him even when he was ripping us off after we blew the side off the gardener’s shed in a very unofficial chemistry experiment. He sent 3 of his kids to the school, Michael was also in our class and his sister Mary Hutton immediately of course became Hairy Mutton. Teachers: Brooker, later Nash – Games/Sports: Ashcroft?, later David Cregan who was a published author – English: Tagg – a fine Maths teacher: Prideaux, all Languages but much older than Fitzpatrick and clearly resented only being Senior Master and not Deputy Head. Unpopular. : Donnelly – Engineering Drawing. A great time, when we were establishing the traditions not just following them.

    Peter Churchill 

    By Peter Churchill (01/08/2016)
  • I am interested in hearing from Raymond Dunne – I was part of the 3rd intake in 1955 – and does anyone have the words or tune for “Youth is the time for plans…” our school song?

    By Lorna Searls (05/07/2016)
  • To Raymond Dunn,

    Please get in contact with me on 01736368408 or miketrewhella@Aol.com, regards reunions at Hatfield school as I was pupil there from 1967 onwards.

    By Michael Trewhella (24/06/2016)
  • 1961 – 1967 Mrs Fitzpatrick was deputy head under both Dr Hutton and Mr Slaney – certainly until I left. The original sailing club had a single GP 14 when it started and was re-decked in the Gym sometime around 1968. Can’t remember the guy’s real name who did most of the work but nicknamed ‘Turf’. Towed it over to Rickmansworth sailing club behind the school’s Bedford mini bus and brought it back a couple of times. Took it down to Thorpe Bay Yacht club (Southend) with Martin Davies. Barton Broad and or Aldeburgh were the two annual summer trips – under canvas!!

    Radio Club existed in a shed out the back of the school near the woodwork room. Run by the metalwork teachers Mr Smeeton and ?. Useful place to hide away from lessons at times.

    Library was fun too, had it’s own cupboard / office and the only place we brewed up tea. (and controlled the power to the staff room’s kettle )

    Still have contact with Barry James and have had with Michael Wakefield.

    By john Cook (31/05/2016)
  • Hello folks, I am at the moment, administrator for Hatfield Reunion group from 1953. Our last reunion was 2014 and another has been planned for this year. There are more than sixty of the original pupils (120) who were first to attend the school.  I am interested in contacts from others who attended in other years and who may be interested in joining our reunions.

    When the school opened in 1953 the ‘lane’ was still part of Roe Green Lane, and the ‘Technical College’ had opened the year before (1952). The school then was originally called ‘Hatfield Technical School’ although the ‘Technical’ was dropped. We all had to wear uniforms and if you were reported to have been seen in public not wearing the uniform properly (no cap or tie etc.) you would be punished.

    By Raymond Dunne (31/05/2016)
  • Started at Hatfield in 1966, cannot believe 50 years have flown by, still in touch with David Malyon, bump into Tony Fordham from time to time, often wonder what happened to everyone, happy days

    By David Moore (04/05/2016)
  • I went to Hatfield School from 1968-73 so was at both College Lane and Travellers Lane. I was in Faraday with Julia Lewis and Elaine Holzel. I remember our Maths teacher, Mr Flowers, as Julia had a crush on him! 

    By Judi Tully Né Kohn (02/05/2016)
  • I went from 1983 to 1988. Mr Slaney was the head and Mr McDowell was the deputy. My form tutor was Mr Balbinski (don’t know if I’ve spelt this correctly). Mr Mills for history; he had really small writing. Mr Rose for Sciences. We used to leave our school bags around the monument at the front of the school just by the swimming pool.

    By Terry Hughes (24/04/2016)
  • I am puzzled as you are describing this school where the now Hertfordshire University is in College Lane as a Grammar School. It opened just as I was leaving St. Audrey’s in 1952. Surely this was initially set up school which was to concentrate on technical subjects, and was the local technical college with evening classes etc by 1960. After I left Hatfield in 1959 they started a 3 year course for the first part  of Civil Engineering qualification which if I’d stayed at home would have jumped at taking instead of having to start it as I did by correspondence course.

    Personally I never did finish it, and learnt by experience and site practice and think I had a far more practical application to problems than many of the so called qualified engineers that I met up with during my working life. I have to thank my original department colleagues Arthur Dodding and Roy Nash in the 1952-1960s engineers section of the Hatfield R,D.C. for their part in my training.

    By Michael Browne (22/04/2016)
  • Can you recall who was deputy head when Michael Slaney was head?

    By Sharon (09/04/2016)
  • I went to the original school in College Lane 1962 – 1969. I left before the move to Travellers Lane.

    However, I remember that some of the staff you mentioned were at the College Lane site while I was there.

    Mr Slaney, of course. He replaced Dr. Hutton when he retired before the move.

    Mr Morse. I remember him particularly well for 2 reasons (well 3 really):

    Reason 1: He used run the sailing club, and all the members used to hike off up to Grafham Water, to run the school’s boats. I particularly remember the Tempo Scow, a beast of a boat, that went like a rocket on rails. There were Wayfarers and GP14’s too, but these weren’t as exciting.

    Reason 2: He had 2 particularly beautiful and blonde daughters who also loved sailing. They were called Carolyn and Susan (nicknamed Boo). An impressionable and red-blooded  young man couldn’t fail to remember them.

    I also remember Mr Mills, the history teacher, but more so Mrs Mills who taught English I think. She was a tiny, skinny woman whereas Mr Mills was quite tall and well built as I recall. However what she lacked in stature, she more than made up for with formidable and indomitable presence. She scared the living daylights out of me, and Yes, I did pass my O Level English.

    Although I don’t have any photos of the Old School as it was in 1969, I took some recent photos for my computer science article. The school, now part of the University of Hertfordshire, is unchanged from the 60’s.

    You can read the article here:


    By David Clarke (07/04/2016)
  • I was a pupil from 1967 to 1974 at both the College Lane school and also the Travellers Lane school, as was my brother.  I would appreciate anyone getting in touch with me, especially as it is our 60 years anniversary this year

    By Michael Trewhella (09/03/2016)
  • My Brother David went to the original Grammar school, I went to the Grammar school and subsequently moved to the new school in Travellers Lane,  I was at Hatfield School between 1969 – 1974

    Heady days of fun and learning, and detentions which always made me miss the coach back to Ware. 

    I remember Mr Slaney along with a few others Mr Morse (Maths) Miss Hetherington (Geography) Mr Shepherd (Music & RE), Mr Mills (History) Mr Peachey (PE and Metalwork). 

    Fond memories but precious few photographs of the school in Travellers Lane  I am  in touch with many old school mates via Friends Reunited but no one seems to have any photos of the old school.

    By Trevor (26/11/2015)