One Track Mac - Did you miss the original shown in 1962 ?

Chris Hepden

One Track Mac - sleeve notes


Intro for newcomers – who don’t remember the Summer of 1962 –

From 1953 to 1990, some 4000 or so pupils and 100+? staff had an experience which they may not have realised straight away, but few others ever had. They attended and taught at a secondary school called Hatfield School.

The new school had better facilities than most secondary schools in the area, and taught a wider range of subjects – more Science and Maths options, and soon offered 4 languages, starting with German and Russian as being more useful to future scientists and technicians. Many of the staff were younger than those who’d taught us in Primary school, and we gradually realised that many of them were pleased to be there, and to be teaching us, and that they could be fun. The founding headmaster and the staff he’d chosen developed the ethos of the school – that anything was possible if you tried hard. That applied equally to extra-curricular things – not just sports, but clubs, music, visits, Drama, holiday journeys.

The Staff put on entertainments – some just for themselves, but some to entertain the Pupils. One of those was a silent movie film, written, performed, shot, edited, and SHOWN – with live piano soundtrack – to the School in July 1962. It was really a spoof – the actors were the Staff over-playing the roles they knew we nurtured for them. The eponymous villain of One Track Mac – Leo MacDowell, well-known for classroom performances which made his lessons memorable – was definitely for us an attractive but wide-boy character, from whom nobody would readily buy a used car…….. .

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We, the lucky ones who were there and made the whole adventure happen, often only realised much later – long after we’d gone out into the World – just how lucky we’d been, to be part of it; this film is a symbol of what we were given.

The above sermon is written for the Choir – many of whom haven’t sung for some time, but I hope they still remember some of the words, and can conjure up the atmosphere – of variety, fun, new things to do and learn, and achievements only dreamed of a few years before.

Chris Hepden

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