Photos of Hatfield School Pupils 1963 from Julie Bishop

This posting was submitted on Julie Bishop's behalf, and with her permission, by Chris Hepden, HS 1957-64.

Julie Bishop

I was a pupil at Hatfield School from September 1958 until July 1963. After so many years I still have vivid and pleasant memories of my time there. I’m grateful for the education I gained, which set me up well for my career – almost 35 enjoyable and successful years with the Midland/HSBC.

I’m still in touch with Anne Briggs (now Harmer), and Marian Hopgood (now Miller), and I recall enjoying German lessons from Ivor Knight. I also remember Eric Breeze (Physics), who was a neighbour when I lived in Hatfield. I used to feel quite honoured when he gave me a lift to school in his Daimler! But I don’t mind admitting I found him a bit formidable at 12 years old.

I’m also pleased to have been able to provide a copy of the September 1958 New Entry panoramic photo – now listed in the posting elsewhere in these pages. I hope some other old friends may find some familiar young images there.

If anyone wants to email me, Chris Hepden, whose email address is [] has offered to forward messages to me.

Julie Bishop – now Julie Capasso – HS Pupil 1958-63.


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