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Chris Hepden

Michael Hutton HS 1955-62, KH’s eldest son, has recently been copying from his father’s collection for us, some of the panoramic New Intake photos hitherto missing from our list – see the current situation from the ‘Panoramic Photos….’ Post, and matching some of the Names, from the same collection. He has also copied a much earlier photo: the full complement of Winchester College in 1934, where Kenneth was a 16 -year old pupil.

As a little light entertainment Michael suggests the challenge of trying to identify the young KH from the 1934 photo.


Winchester College 1934 – whole school


Winchester College 1934 1

Winchester College 1934 2

Winchester College 1934 3

Winchester College 1934 4

Winchester College 1934 5

Winchester College 1934 6

Winchester College 1934 7

Winchester College 1934 8


When you’ve found a young Kenneth, email me a message  via   detailing your chosen pupil, and I’ll pass it to Michael.  NB  If you can bear not to share your findings with others straight away, it could prolong the fun.  Good Luck,   Chris.


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