Nigel Moore at Hatfield School 1964 - 1971

Some names for you for the 1970 6th form photo
1/3 Linda Hill
1/20 Karen Asplin
1/22 Elizabeth Glenn
1/23 Mallory Mynn
1/27 Sheila White
1/44 Vicky Green
2/2 Tim Littlewood
2/21 Philip Jones
2/30 Tim Jarvis
2/31 Ian Oakaby
2/36 David Ward
2/37 Steve Dumbleton
2/39 Martyn Abbott
2/41 Steve Newman?
2/42 Frank Pope
2/43 Philip Newcombe
3/4 Richard Warner
3/5 Ian Musson
3/6 Nigel Moore (me)
3/13 John Tunney
3/21 Mike Kitson?
3/23 Steve Johnson?
3/24 Ian Oram

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  • Hi Is there any reunion taking place this Saturday 24th in Red Lion. Many thanks for quick response. Danny

    By Danny Chorlton 64-68(71) (20/02/2024)
  • Hi to all my old school mates . Left in 68 to join army. If anybody still remembers me Email Cheers.

    By Danny Choton (01/02/2024)
  • Hallo Nigel,
    Congratulations on some excellent quality photos, and for the additional names for faces on the 1970 6th form photo – which I’ve already added to the previous version of the photo, and am about to put the updated one onto the ‘Hatfield School 6th Form Photos’ Post/page.
    I act as a sort of point of contact for some of the more recent HS Posts/pages, and would like to be in direct contact with you for several reasons. I’ll ask the OurHatfield staff to help me reach you, or think you might find my e-address on Daphne Skinner’s Post: ‘Early Years at Hatfield School’
    Sorry we just missed overlapping at school – I’d just left in July ’64 and you started that September.
    Regards, Chris Hepden, HS 1957-64.

    By Chris Hepden (29/01/2023)