Building the 6th Form Common Room in 1962-ish

Chris Hepden

If anyone can identify any of the workforce, please email me with details via []   and they will pass me your message.
Write too if you'd like copies of the photos, which may be of slightly higher resolution than the published ones.
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Background - Self-Help at Hatfield School.
From the beginning in 1953, our founding headmaster Kenneth Hutton started building a community of Staff,
Pupils and Parents, to develop the facilities and extra-curricular opportunities at the school. Our
parents' generation, who had known the privations of WW2 and the preceding years of hardship needed
little encouragement to support the projects in all ways. The Common Room was designed by a parent - an
architect, Mr Humphries, with 2 sons at the school. Pupils were co-opted into the workforce - at weekends
and in holiday periods. Many of us gained practical skills such basic construction, concrete bashing and
practical woodwork, whatever we were studying in classes.
The building projects best recalled started with the Swimming Pool - completed in 1957 (see separate
Posting), then the Sixth Form Common Room - completed in 1963 - overlapping with 'Beautifying the Quad' -
mostly complete by 1964.
The extra-curricular and social activities of the School and the PTA deserve several more articles than
this. Recollections and suggestions would be very welcome.
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  • I am pretty cetain that the name of the Architect was Mr Simms, who was also achitect for the swimming pool. There is corroboration of this in that Mr and Mrs Simms appear at the presentation of the common room to HCC when they received their own presentation – photo with Chris now.
    I was in the front row of the audience at that event with my wife-to-be Jill Stacey.

    By Michael Hutton (09/11/2021)