Hatfield School Panoramic photos and lists of Pupils and Staff. 1953-1978

This may be of interest to any other old pupils who are seeking to recover or reinforce old memories, before it's too late.

Chris Hepden.

I have hard-copy original photos of the panoramic New Entry photos, and some Sixth Forms for 1953 to 1970, and one of the whole school in May. 1966 – see the list below – and have made photographed copies, each panorama copied as multiple overlapping prints, each a .jpg file about 1.5Mb.I’d be pleased to send copies to any past pupils – preferably via Dropbox or a similar service, as the cumulative file sizes are not trivial.

Lines marked   QQ   were updated/added on 25/2/21, or 12/3/21 .

Thanks to a recent contact from Ming Tam, a 6th form pupil at HS between 1971-73, another from Michael Hutton, HS 1955-62, and yet another from Ian Shippen, HS 1978-85, I now also have the hitherto missing   New Intake photos for 1955, 1965 and 1978, and imminently for 1960, and the Upper Sixth photo for 1973  – see the updated list below. Thanks to recent kind loans of rolled-up prints by Janice Hetherington, and a ready-scanned copy by Paul Jiggens, we have the 1971 and 1974 New Entries, and the 1969 6th form.

Another request has recently arrived – for the September 1972 New Entries photo. Please does anyone have that photo which they could copy at fairly hi-res, or which I could borrow, copy, and safely return ?

Please email me via [admin@ourhatfield.org.uk] and they will pass me your message. When you write, say whether you would like a non-annotated copy of your year’s photo, or whether you’d like one with some name-matching partly done. Some years’ teams have a significant number of the faces already matched, but you may prefer to start afresh – at least to begin with….?

If anyone knows of originals or copies of the these missing years – 1972, 1973, 1975-1977, and 1979 – 1989, I’d love to make copies somehow.

1953 Sep, New Intake, Orig +      Copied, 5 shots, Good

1954 Sep, New Intake, Orig +      Copied, 4 shots, Good

1955 Sep, New Intake,                  Copy, 3 shots, Good

1956 Sep, New Intake, Orig +      Copied, 5 shots, Good

1957 Sep, New Intake, Orig +      Copied, 5 shots, Fair

1958 Sep, New Intake, (Orig loaned) + Copied 6 shots, Good

1959 Sep, New Intake, Orig +      Copied, 6 shots, Good

QQ 1960 Sep, New Intake,           Copied, 4 shots, Good

1961 Sep, New Intake, Orig +      Copied, 5 shots, Good

1962 Sep, New Intake, Orig +      Copied, 7 shots, Good

1963 Sep, New Intake, Orig +      Copied, 6 shots, Good

1964 Mar, 6th Forms, Orig +        Copied, 4 shots, Good

1964 Sep, New Intake, Orig +      Copied, 5 shots, Good

1965 Apr, 6th Forms, Orig+          Copied, 5 shots, Good

1965 Sep, New Intake                   Copy, 4 shots, Good

QQ 1966 May, 6th forms,  Orig+ Copied, 6 shots, Good

1966 May, Whole School Orig+  Copied, 8 shots, Good

1966 Sep, New Intake Orig+        Copied, 9 shots Good

QQ 1966 Sep, New Intake    full panoramic also avail – see also NTFM Game page/Post

1967 Sep, New Intake Orig+        Copied, 9 shots Good

1968 Sep, New Intake, Orig+       Copied, 6 shots, Good

QQ March 1969, 6th Forms         Copied, all one photo, Good

1969 Sep, New pupils, Orig+        Copied, 6 shots, Good

1970 Mar, 6th Form, Orig+           Copied, 6 shots, Good

1970 Sep, New Pupils, Orig +       Copied, 7 shots, Good

QQ 1971 Sep, New Intake             Print loaned, Copied, hi-res, 3 shots, Good

1973 Upper Sixth                            Copied, hi-res, 3 shots, Good

QQ 1974 Sep, New Intake             Print loaned, Copied, hi-res, 4 shots, Good

1978 Sep, New pupils,                    Copy, 3 shots, Fair


The images for a single year – New Pupils, 14th September 1954 – are shown here as an example.

Click on Photo to enlarge, then moving cursor on image will magnify.

I also have the following information:

A complete copy of the Pupil Registration records from the beginning in September 1953 to July 1966. To maintain individuals’ privacy even at this distant date, I would not wish to publish the lists in toto, but would be willing to handle emailed requests from individuals.

Bound copies of the school magazines from July 1954 to July 1967, which I’d also be glad to use to help any individual searches. Scanning them in entirety would take ages, but specific searches and a limited scan or photo would be quicker.

A (currently non-electronic) list of all the Staff from 1953 to 1967. I may try to submit it to these webpages in a future contribution, to possibly jog a few memories. With a bit of collaborative help, it would be relatively easy, though not quick, to relate the Staff list to some of the New Intake photos.

Have you checked recently the other HS Pages/Posts listed and hotlinked in the list at the top right of this page ? The titles don’t say everything, and new edits and new Posts are being added often.

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  • My Family was Raynors, from Hatfield Wood House, does anybody out there got any pics. I lost my brother and don’t have many.

    By Regina Raynor (13/12/2020)
  • Correction to my comment just now aimed at Robert Swan:
    I should have put “New Entries for 1954′ which is your year, not the year my fingers typed !
    Apologies, Chris Hepden, HS 1957-64

    By Chris Hepden (09/11/2020)
  • Dear Robert Swan,
    as your comment didn’t include your email address – it’s not forbidden but you have to include it in the text of your message, as the site is not a FriendsReunited or Facebook type of site – this is the only way I can contact you.
    Sorry that I haven’t looked at the coments on this page for a few weeks now. Please email me at [chris@wolery-crh.co.uk] and I’ll help put you in touch with some of the 1963 New Entry pupils.
    I do not share email addresses with others, unless the owner expressly asks me to, but I will forward messages to anyone in my own contacts list who I think may be able help you.
    Regards, Chris Hepden HS 1957-64.

    By Chris Hepden (09/11/2020)
  • Hello my name is Robert Swan, I am in the Hatfield School intake photo of 1954, is there any way to make contact with any others in the picture?

    By robert swan (03/10/2020)

    By Robert Swan (05/10/2020)

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