Photos of Hatfield School from Ivor Knight - 1958-63

Chris Hepden.

I was at Hatfield School from 1957 to 1964, and have already contributed a comment – posted on 13/11/19 – and would like to make further contributions.

I am writing now to submit some photos on behalf of Ivor Knight, who taught German at HS between 1958 and 1963. Ivor is now in his mid-80s, and remembers his time at HS with great pleasure and affection, not just for the friendly atmosphere, but because he met his wife there – June Lawrence, who taught PE there in, I believe, the same years. They married in 1963.
These photos are from their collection. The dates are approximate and/or estimates, so any additional info from others who recognise them, and any connected recollections from past pupils, would surely please Ivor. He has read the submissions published so far with interest and pleasure.

1962; Ivor Knight (German), Terry Casey (??) and Chris Young (Geography) posing outside the Staffroom at HS, displaying fashionable narrow cuffed trousers.


?1961, 62, 63?, also outside Staffroom, Peter Ashcroft (English), David Cregan (Drama), Bryan McDowell (German), DC looks as if he is playing a role of some kind.


IJK03: End of term performance of David Cregan’s ‘Red Hot in Reykjavik’. Generally unbeknown to the pupils, in the initial years when the school was at Roe Green Lane, the staff put on various plays, revues, and concerts for their own amusement. This title was clearly prompted by the then recent film ‘Ice Cold in Alex’.They also made a 16mm film ‘One Track Mac’ , with the anti-hero’s


character exploiting the spiv-like image which had grown around Bryan McDowell in the pupils’ estimations. The film was screened to the pupils as end-of term entertainment. There is more info on this film which we can put onto this website later. There was at least one more film, made or started, but info is currently scarce. Bernard Mills (English), who was married to Stella Mills (English) played key roles in writing and producing both films. Maybe there were more ?

IJK04 1959?, IJK’s form 3C after a German lesson.


IJK05 Girls’ Hockey Team at Hatfield School; 1960-63. Photo taken by June Lawrence, who married Ivor in 1963. Several (all?) of the girls are recogniseable in the 1959 Entry panoramic photo (see later submission).


IJK06 Roland Eustis, gym master, 1957-92?. Roly was probably the longest-serving master at HS, joining in 1957, moving with others to Travellers Lane, and still there when I visited in the early ’90s. He was a very kind man with a good sense of humour, never making anyone feel they’d failed, and encouraging each of us to improve.


IJK07 School swimming pool built by staff and parent volunteers.



IJK08 Hatfield School Swimming Pool. 1962.



IJK09 Rag Week, Cardiff, 1953, Ivor and Phillip Madoc (Jones) #1.JPG



IJK10 Rag Week, Cardiff, 1953, Ivor and Phillip Madoc (Jones) #2.JPG


These last two photos are not of HS, but introduce a link which may interest post-’64 pupils. After reading in Lorna Joy (Bain’s) submission, posted 10/5/17 that Phillip Madoc had taught Drama (and German ?) at HS in the later 60s, Ivor remembered he and Phillip Madoc (Jones) had studied German together at Cardiff University, and has retrieved these Rag Week photos of them apparently acting out a Bayerisch Bierfest in 1953.

He writes:
“Something I hadn’t realised before was that Phillip Madoc, the actor, renowned for his part as the German sea captain in “ Dad’s Army “ and as Lloyd George in the drama by that name, spent some time at Hatfield School. A very small world indeed ! Phillip and I shared a room in “digs “ in Cardiff when we were students there. We were both studying German under Professor T.P.Williams at the time, though Phillip was a year ahead of me in his studies. Even in those days his heart was set on the theatre. I shall send you a photo of the 2 of us on the German Society lorry in Rag Week , each of us grasping a beer mug supposedly in a beer garden.”

“… the promised photos of Phillip Madoc ( Jones ) in earlier days.
“First picture: Phillip is standing left of centre, holding beer mug in left hand and wearing Lederhosen. I am standing slightly right of centre with false moustache.
“Second picture. Phillip standing facing camera, me seated behind him.”

“Even though he may not have been in Hatfield during our days, the photo may be of some interest to later students.”

If you would like a copy of any of the photos, contact us by adding a comment to this post with your request


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  • Following on from Clive Pickering’s comments, I too was at HS 1965-72 and remember being taught German by Philip Madoc. At the time it wasn’t my favourite subject, but he certainly made it more interesting than Herr Doctor Frankl. I always remember Frankl telling my parents that “Mark is over zee edge of zee cliff, but we are trying to pull him up.” Headmaster Slaney reportedly said “Mark has three more years of German, so he better get on with it.” He was wrong, I had given it up within three months but always regretted my lack of persistence. Now, following many years of practice my German can at times be quite passable!

    By Mark Capsey (07/12/2020)
  • I was at HS from 1965 to 1972. Phillip Madoc taught me German for a term (I learned more in that term than I did with Mr Hickson in two years). I also played badminton with him as my Dad (Les Pickering) ran the club. What a genuinely good man Phillip Madoc was. R.I.P.
    Mr Eustace was the only teacher to attend our first reunion when we all hit 40 – thanks to Lester Wallis Smith.

    By Mr Clive Pickering (02/11/2020)
  • I was at HS 57-62 and was in Ivor Knight’s 3c class. Good memories of a kind, calm and encouraging teacher with infinite patience with those of us who found German demanding. Please pass my sincere thanks and best wishes to Ivor.

    In the photograph I am standing the last on the right hand side with my good friend Richard Andrews immediately behind me. Michael Attfield is at the back with glasses and I think second from the left might be Bernard Bean.

    Jeff Humphry

    By Jeff Humphry (31/08/2020)
  • It’s with terrific envy that I see these photos, particularly of those including Ivor Knight, who some years later, after a move to the Isle of Man, granted me the privilege of learning German from him. My words here cannot possibly convey the measure of gratitude and respect I have for this exceptional educator. Anyone who has had the good fortune to encounter Ivor will understand what I mean by saying that he is, first of all, a man among men, and by no means second, an educator beyond compare. Thank you, Mr. Knight.

    By Sean Tyrer (20/08/2020)
  • Many thanks to Ivor, with whom I have kept in touch over the years. All these photos bring back happy memories.

    By Beryl Foster (04/12/2019)