Hatfield School 6th form Photos

Chris Hepden, et al

We have 6th form photos from a number of years, but by no means every year. In some, many faces are named, but most are only partly annnotated, and some not at all, yet…… If you’d like a copy of the file(s) for any of these photos, or if you have names or additional information relating to one of the photos, please email me – directly if you have my address, or via   admin@ourhatfield.org.uk   who will forward me your message. Thanks, Chris.

Photos available, yet to be added:

6th Form 1965 ;6th Form 1966; 6th Form 1970.


The 1960 photo was provided and annotated by Janet Wheeler, HS 1953-’60.

The 1964 photo was provided by Chris Hepden, with names-matching done by: Beryl Foster(now Watson), Chris Hepden, David Hutton, David Harkess, Richard Sharpe, and Julie Bishop(now Capasso). Please help us fill in the missing or uncertain names – those are marked with face-codes in the photo margins.

The 1965 photo was provided by Chris Hepden, with names-matching started, by a team yet to be confirmed.

The 1969 photo was provided by Paul Jiggens, HS 1962-’69, matched by a team including Lorna Bain, HS 1963-’70, Paul Jiggens et al, and names overlaid by David Kohn.

The 1973 photo – all but 2 faces now matched – was provided by Ming Tam, HS 1971-’73, matched by David Kohn, David Edwards, Paul Atkin, Carole Pye and Ming Tam, and annotated by David Kohn, all of HS 1966-’73.

The 1974 U6th photo was provided and fully annotated, including non-present friends, by Mike Connell, HS 1967-’75. Please email additional names to help us complete the annotations.

The 1975 U6th photo was originally posted by Mike Connell – see below – and has been adapted by Ming Tam and then names-matched by Keith Prettyman, HS 1968-’75

The U6th Form 1975 is shown on a separate post – see hotlinked button near bottom of the column at RHS of this page.


Please join in !

The less-than-fully-names-matched photos have codes, either overlaid every few faces, or included in the upper and low margins along with the matched names. These Face Codes start from the left end of each row, to help readers who wish to email and identify one or more face.   eg in the 1969 photo 1/29  (Row 1, 29th face from left end) is Diana Bray, but 1/27 and 1/28 are currently unmatched. You can interpolate to get other codes.


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Hatfield School Sixth Forms, March 1964 - partially name-matched, please help us complete the matching !
Hatfield School Sixth Forms, 1965 - faces annotated in preparation for name-matching
Hatfield School Sixth Form March 1969, partially name-matched
Hatfield School Upper 6th 1973 - annotated, except for 1/18, 2/6
Hatfield School Upper 6th Form, 1974
Mike Connell
Hatfield School U6th Form 1975, partially name-matched, please help us complete the matching !
Mike Connell, Ming Tam
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