Hatfield School, a family tradition - recollections by Susan Hawkins.

Susan Glands

Susan Glands (nee Hawkins) attended Hatfield School from 1961-66, and both her children followed her example years later.
Susan would be pleased if anyone wishes to contact her; please email me via   [admin@ourhatfield.org.uk] and they’ll forward your message to me, and I’ll pass it to Susan. This Post is submitted on her behalf and with her permission by Chris Hepden, HS 1957-64.

September 1961, L to R: Susan Hawkins and friends Jackie Heading, Jackie Kohn, Sally Patswold.

I had a long and happy association with Hatfield School leaving at the end of the 5th year to go to Floristry college. Dr.Hutton was disappointed with my career choice and tried to persuade me to stay in the 6th form and suggested I worked in banking or finance as I was reasonably good at Maths, however I enjoyed a long and successful career as a Florist.

My form teacher for 3 years was Carole Bantick.

Carole Bantick

Other teachers I remember were Ivor Knight, Daphne Skinner, Mr V J Mills, Don Morss, Gwen Rees


Bill Huntingdon, Margot Groves, and June Lawrence who taught me to swim.



I remember watching One Track Mac at school and being impressed to see our teachers having fun making the film. I now have a copy, courtesy of Chris which my family have enjoyed watching.

Another film made at HS in early summer 1962 (I think) was Look at Life – Learning to Swim, anyone remember this ? The whole school went to the Hatfield Odeon to see Macbeth and this film. I remember seeing pupils in my year/form in it.


I was delighted when both my children chose HS as their secondary school-Sarah 1981-87 and Paul 1983-90. Some of my teachers were still there although they didn’t remember me, possibly a good thing! Three teachers taught all 3 of us-Daphne Skinner (Science/Chemisry), VJ.Mills (History) and Rowley Eustis (Woodwork, though he taught PE in my time).

My husband Robert was Chairman of the Social Committee while our children were there, a real family connection. Both our children did very well at the school, Paul leaving as the school. closed to go to University. I was invited to attend the final assembly which was a very sad and moving day.

Susan Glands.

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  • I too remember these teachers and was in the same year as Susan Gomes – she was my best friend.

    By Ellen Hannavy-Cousen (06/07/2021)