Onslow School (Photos)

By Miriam Gaskin

Onslow School aerial view.
Can anyone remember anything about the fire in 1972?
1985 Pupils from St Audrys & Onslow. A "two-day get-to-know-you" prior to the Schools being combined. Anybody you know?
Hatfield Library
Head boy (Michael Evens) and Head girl (Karen Hudley) presenting a cheque to Mr Dummer of Hatfield branch of Save the Children fund for Ethiopia famine appeal 1985.
Hatfield Library

Onslow is today part of Onslow St Audrey’s School.

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  • I was Head Girl at the school 1984/5 and my name is misspelt in the photo!
    I recall some great teachers: Mr Jervis (English), Mr Bastable (Maths), Mr Roberts & Mrs Kendal (Chemistry), Mrs Tye & Mr Porter(?)(Physics). Mr Clarke was a great Head Teacher with a very capable Mrs Fisher as Deputy.
    My 2 younger sisters also attended: Vicki & Penny

    By Karen Armstrong (nee Hurley) (18/06/2021)
  • I remember the the fire of 1972 had to walk to another school for lessons . Remember Mr Bromley P.E lessons Mr Giles form teacher Mr Woods maths.
    Football with a tennis ball going out of school grounds for a smoke. The mates you had, hating school days. Long summer holidays blimey I am old
    Try to remember more later.

    By Alan connolly (26/04/2020)
  • I was also at Onslow the time of the fire. I was a few years younger than you. I was in my Second year at that time. I remember the terrible mess and that awful smell of the damaged building.

    By Debbie (09/03/2018)
  • I was at Onslow at the time of the fire and lost my O level woodwork project in the fire. Had to start again but still passed.

    By Richard Everett (14/06/2012)