Cranborne School - Salisbury Infants School

By G. Philip Marris

Summer Playtime

Cranborne School opened in 1953 and later became Salisbury Infants. The latter amalgamated with Gascoyne Cecil Junior School (opened 1950, closed 1 Sept 1999) to become Birchwood Avenue Primary School.

Have I got the names and dates correct?

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  • I remember the sandpit as having been full of water and I think the headmistress had a dog. I seem to recall it laying behind her desk on one occasion.

    By Carolyn Palmer (16/08/2021)
  • The site of Cranborne/Salisbury is now the Mid Herts Centre for Music and Arts

    By Kerry Crozier (20/02/2021)
  • Many happy memories of Cranbourne. However the sandpit wasn’t full of sand in my day. In the summer it was used as a paddling pool. Only thing I hated was when we had beetroot & they made us eat it. Yuk still hate it today

    By Jyll Beckford (nee Marsh) (25/02/2020)
  • I recall the sand pit with joy, also the bottle of milk at play time was a treat! Though locked doors to the outside world were victorian

    By Reverend Charles Robertson (12/06/2013)
  • Was a school, then became a teachers training college. My mum worked there during the 70’s

    By Vic Thompson (12/09/2012)