Burleigh Secondary Modern School.

Christine Martindale

School photo September 1955
Linda M Law

Burleigh School opened in 1954 relieving pressure off St Audrey’s school for more school places. The building provided a modern, well equipped school that was part of a pioneering Hertfordshire school building programme.
The school had closed by the mid-1970s, the buildings then being used by the Mid Herts Music Centre and part of the playing fields were turned over for housing. The Music Centre eventually moved to a new centre in Birchwood, Hatfield, and the school buildings were demolished to make way for another small housing development.

Did you enjoy going to this school, please add your memories.

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  • I was at Burleigh School from 1954 to 1958 I’m sitting in the middle of the second row next to Pauline Birch and Sheila Newman I can remember your brother Murray Cross but not very well.

    By Elizabeth Wood (Herrick) 05/12/2021 (05/12/2021)
  • Anyone remember Bucks (Steve Buckingham) Kathy billings, Margaret Heinz (Maggie) Colin Constable from bBurleigh ? I have been looking into old Hatfield films on YouTube etc and find it fascinating (me – Hippo Hipgrave)

    By Robert hipgrave (28/03/2021)
  • My Brother Murray William Cross was at Burleigh Secondary Modern School, Hatfield. From his 11th birthday in 1955, until I think his 15th birthday in 1959. He came there from Green Lanes Primary School Hatfield.
    As his brother I don’t know anything about his schooling at Burleigh, and I would dearly love to know of it from anyone his school mates etc.

    By Barry Cross (29/06/2020)
  • My sister and my cousin are in the above photo.

    By Mrs M Wilson (25/02/2020)
  • The school did not close in July 1969, it became part of Onslow school until 1973. I was at Onslow from September 1969 and we had most of our lessons in Burleigh, it was great as we had registration and assembly at the onslow school first thing in the morning and then we had to walk to Burleigh for the rest of the day, most of us skived off and to the park to play footy or play games on the new estates being built in Birchwood only going back to Onslow for lunch or PE. No wonder I left school at 15. we nicknamed the school Colditz.

    By Ian Hands (07/02/2020)
  • As I remember it closed as a school in July 1969 and was used as an annex for the college for a few years. I finished the fifth year that year and we had the option of transferring to Onslow or to college if we wanted to go into the sixth form.

    By Jackie Poulouktsi (29/06/2019)