Downs Infants School & Millwards Junior Mix School

Christine Martindale.

The Downs Infants, age group 5-7 yrs. & Millwards JM School, age group 7-11 yrs.  opened in the early 1960s in Woods Avenue.  At this time there was an increasing number of children coming with their families to live in the expanding Hatfield New Town.

Both schools closed on 31 August 1992, becoming Stream Woods Junior Mixed, Infant & Nursery School which in turn became Oak View Primary and Nursery School

Do you have memories and photos of these schools?

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  • I was at Downs Infants in 1975/76 and on to Millwards.
    I remember Mr Thomas as an inspiration musically. He played us Bob Dylan songs and classical music on a record player. I can’t really picture him anymore but I think he was a cool guy. I remember having the market shops in the hall with papier-mâché food to sell or buy. I love that memory. Mrs Alladice made me sit and eat a trifle in the food hall after everyone had left, I was wretching and still hate that cakey jelly to this day!

    By Jo Butterfield (04/04/2021)
  • I started downs infant 1975 in Mrs Robinsons class she taught me how to knit after school. Mrs Allerdice was head if infants then moved up to Milwards with Miss Poole, Mr Wells, Mr Waterhouse, Mr Mitchell and Mrs Sawyer came with us on our residential to Kington House. Mr Thomas was head, I was bullied quite badly at break times and I remember sitting in the hall with Mr Thomas (on his knee) watching the big TV on wheels at lunchtimes. It was usually Nick Faldo playing golf. As he lived next door to Mr T and Mr T taught him to play golf, or so Mr Thomas told me.

    By Samantha Dawson (14/01/2021)
  • I left Millwards in the summer of 74. Miss Muscroft was my last class teacher. She was a tyrant all right. There was also a Mr Mitchell who was very highly regarded and had a badly injured chin – it was said he had been shot in the face during the war, which I can well believe. There was a Miss Hopkins too who I never liked. But there was also a Mr Wells who was, in my opinion, the perfect teacher: calm, rational, a brilliant educator…I learned a lot from him and held him in high regard. The Headmaster Mr Thomas was very charismatic and good too.

    By Glenn Milne (29/12/2020)
  • I remember going to Swanage about 1967 visited Corfe Castle and Poole pottery amongst other places. Stayed in a hotel that rang the gong for dinner. Had to do a project on it when we returned.

    By Christine Greaves nee Hill (06/12/2020)
  • I remember Miss Muscroft. She terrorised me and picked on me constantly. She was always wearing a neck brace and took lots of sick days. I remember her once telling a class of 11 year olds to drink a pint a milk if you ever go out boozing as an adult. She had serious issues. The last day of term I let out a roar of joy as I ran out of her class for the very last time.

    By Mark Haynes (08/11/2020)
  • I was at Downs Infants school and then onto Millwards until 1969. My last years teacher was Mrs Muscroft who also organised a play in that year, called I think, Huckleberry Finn. I also went on a weeks trip to Swannage, which was very enjoyable. If anyone has any photo’s and would be willing to share, that would be fantastic.

    By Kevin Allan (16/07/2020)