Do you recognise this badge?

By Daphne Knott

We only have a drawing of this badge. Perhaps you have one of these and know what it is.

Please add a comment below with any information you have.

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  • This is my sketch of the badge, cloth and cotton, copied from an original owned by a late friend, who also wanted it identified. I don’t know where the badge is now nor have I any more info. It might be a sports club blazer badge.

    By Reg B. Coleman (03/05/2015)
  • During WWII most large factories had their own Local Defence Volunteers or Home Guard (see “Hatfield a Pictorial History” by Sue Kirby & Richard Busby). The de Havilland Aircraft Co had raised such a Company in 1940. Later there were 4 Companies of 14 Bn Herts Regiment at the factory and deHavilland had also formed 2 specialist light anti-aircraft troups specifically to defend the Company. With the distinct D & H is it possible this was a badge specific to one of these units?

    By Carolyn Palmer (12/11/2011)