Hatfield Aerodrome Bathing Pool & Squash Rackets Courts

Christine Martindale

Hatfield Local History Society recently acquired, from a Councillor at Sevenoaks District Council, this original architects drawing of the proposed Hatfield Aerodrome Bathing Pool and Squash Rackets Courts, plus a photograph of when it was completed in June 1933.

The pool and squash rackets courts were situated next to the de Havilland Flying School Club House; the water for the pool was replenished from an artesian aquifer and warmed by steam injection.  These facilities proved to be very popular and were a welcome addition to those offered at the club house which had a lounge, smoking room and restaurant.

The late Stan Clayton a de Havilland employee for 50 years remembered the bathing pool.  “The de Havilland employees were allowed to use the pool two evenings a week.  We used to think these rich Flying Club people did not like the idea of using the same water as us because the water always changed after our second evening”.

As with most of the buildings that once made up the de Havilland Aircraft Factory the bathing pool and squash rackets courts no longer exist, the land is now the site of the University of Hertfordshire’s de Havilland Campus and the Hatfield Business Park.

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Information for this article comes from:-

“de Havilland and Hatfield: 1910-1935” by John Clifford

“Taking Off: Memories of de Havilland at Hatfield” published by Hatfield Local History Society,  www.hatfieldhistory.uk


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  • I used to swim in this pool often in the 1940

    By Peter west (27/01/2021)
  • Extra information from Roger de Mercado of the de Havilland Aeronautical Technical School Association http://www.dhaetsa.org.uk, tells us that by the late 1950’s the pool was there but empty and derelict and was filled in soon afterwards. The squash courts had a new lease of life in the mid 1980s as the customer centre, very posh inside and with a full size mockup of the BAe 146 fuselage for customers to inspect

    By Christine Martindale (21/09/2017)