de Havilland Offices

By S Mann

De Havilland, Hatfield.
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Sir Geoffrey de Havilland formed the De Havilland Aircraft Company in 1920 having flown his first self-built plane in 1909.

The company was initially established at Stag Lane in Edgware. However, following the purchase of Roe Hyde and Harpsfield Farms, the company moved to Hatfield in 1934.

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  • I’m amazed that nowhere with the photos of the administrative buildings do the words ‘art deco’ appear!

    By Robert Oakhill (14/11/2020)
  • Fond memories of my time at Hatfield as an Engineering apprentice 1954 to 1959. Throughout my life in the industry I never came upon a training equal to that given by de Havilland. Like another comment on this site from Barbara Martin I worked on Blue Streak, in fact I sat next to Barbara. Strange how memories flood back 60 years later.

    By Barry Kensett (16/01/2018)
  • On reading the De Havillands; as regards the test pilots, I can remember Geoffrey taking off in the Swallow in 1946 as I was helping my father who was working on the house roof in Bramble Road. Dad said there goes Geoffrey and he was devastated a few hour later when we heard of the crash. Dad was also present at Farnborough when John Derry died in the Venon. I believe the attached picture was taken the day before that crash. 

    By Michael Browne (30/11/2014)
  • I started work as an apprentice Tracer in the Main Drawing Office from 1956 – later I was transferred to work on Blue Streak drawings.  Then moved again to work in the office  of the Chief Draughstman (Mr. Calder). Later after self teaching shorthand and typing I became his secretary after his previous secretary left.

    By Barbara Martin(Pawsey) (07/06/2014)