Seven Other Old Schools in Hatfield

By G. Philip Marris

Church Cottage

Boarding School, Churchyard

This school was run by Eliazer Burchell and was located at the corner of Churchyard (now called “Church Cottage”). The school was there from 1760 until around 1777. Burchell was schoolmaster to Master Cecil (afterwards 1st Marquess of Salisbury).

School at Puttocks Oak

The School House at Puttocks Oak appears on a Tithe Map of 1838 and belonged to Rev. Benjamin Peile. It may have been an infants’ school. The Rev. Peile died in 1842 after which the school house was taken over by the National School which was previously located at the Market House in Fore Street.

Writing School in North Road

Thomas Smith ran a writing school in the North Road in 1839.

School at the “Mud Hut” Chapel, Hatfield Hyde

Founded in 1875, the school was located in the Chapel, the east end being parted off during the week by a curtain. The Chapel, commonly known as the “Mud Chapel” had been built by the 2nd Marquess of Salisbury in 1861. It was situated in Homestead Lane on the edge of where the playing fields are now. The Mud Hut Chapel was replaced in 1882 by the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene, built by the third Marquess of Salisbury. It is not known when the chapel ceased to be used as a school.

School in Park Street

Mrs Harriet Leyland was mistress of a Free School for boys and girls in Park Street around 1851.

School in St Albans Road

The Misses Caesar ran a private school at Galleycroft around 1920.

School in French Horn Lane

Around 1934, Mrs A M Norman ran West Golding private school.

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  • The only reference we have of the Park Street school run by Harriet & John Leyland is a brief entry in ‘Hatfield & Its People’ Bk. 8 Schools – “1854 Free School, Park Street (Mrs Harriet Leyland, mistress), about 50 boys and girls”. No photos I’m afraid.

    By Christine Martindale (28/02/2022)
  • I was delighted to discover my great great grandmother Harriet Leyland mistress at free school Park Street.
    She and her husband John moved to Birch am Norfolk to be master and mistress for 40 years.
    If you have any more detailed information on her or her husband or can advise me where I could search I would be so thrilled.
    Is there a picture of the school?

    By Pam Royle (26/02/2022)