My life in Hatfield

Irene Chapman nee Phillips

I was born in Stockbreach Road – a happy road where you knew most people and neighbours were always there for one another

Does anyone remember:-The children whose mothers were doing War Work so would not be home when school finished? We could have tea in Dellfield’s Canteen hut – looked after by Mrs. Millington from Cecil Crescent and Mrs. Sparrow from St Albans. Tea was half a slice of bread and margarine, pilchard sandwich and a “beaker” of tea -same from Monday to Friday. I have not eaten pilchards since!!

I went on to St. Audrey’s school being sent back to Dellfield School when St Audrey’s has been bombed. Our class was in the canteen hut – Oh those greasy tables after dinner! Classes were also  held in the Public Hall and the Courthouse. Impossible to have all varied lessons with teachers spread around the town but I think we all turned out well.

I was a Brownie, Girl Guide and later a Guider

If you were a Brownie or a Guide at the same time do you remember  our meetings were held in St. Michael’s church  Birchwood Avenue before the new church was built at the other end of the road?

If you were a Guide do you remember attending the ceremony when David and Tony Wilson were awarded their scout medals for bravery when the school,was bombed?

Another bomb fell on the allotments  in The Common in 1940 after which my sister Margaret and I were evacuated to Bridgewater – not a happy time.

Do you remember before The Breaks Youth Club was opened Mr. Brown (headmaster of Green Lanes School) held a youth meeting on a Friday? One of the things we could do was have dance lessons given by a young couple – which gave us the taste to go to the Red Lion for Dance Classes.

When I was a Guider – do you remember if you were a Brownie when we held a Road Safety Competition. A cup was donated by the then Hatfield Rural District Council and had to be competed for every year ?



Bomb dropped on Allotments shown on top right hand corner of sketch map
Irene Chapman nee Phillips
Irene's WW2 Certificate
Notable Wartime dates (back of certificate)
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  • My name is David Johnson, my mum lived in the Right of Way cottages, then after the bombing, moved to Stockbreach Road. I am now a Devonan, my Brother Reg is a Ausie now.

    By DAVID JOHNSON (09/09/2022)
  • What great memories keep them coming

    By Janice Webb (05/03/2020)