Gracemead House

Do you remember Gracemead Cottages?

By Derek Martindale

Derek Martindale 10-05-2011
Gracemead Cottages, St Albans Rd.
Ken Wright, Commission for the New Towns

Gracemead House was opened in 1963 and in use till 2011 as the local Tax & Social Security office. The offices are now closed and the buildings are now used by Gracemead Church and the Welwyn Hatfield Community and Voluntary Service.





Gracemead House¬†was probably named after Gracemead Cottages, which stood where Asda is today. The cottages were built by the Great Northern Railway for company employees, c1901, and pulled down during the 1960’s re-development of the Town Centre.

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  • Geraldine – sadly, looking at these pages, we can see that nearly all the buildings we have lost were better looking than the ones that replaced them.

    By Matt Barnes (17/02/2018)
  • I lived in the cottages when I was about 5 as my dad worked on the railway. Very happy memories of living there, the new pool being built, the cinema over the road and the library . This would be about 1960.

    By Bev Bates (09/01/2014)
  • I remember these cottages, which were rather attractive.A friend of mine from school ,Hatfield Girls’ Grammar School, used to live in one of them.What a shame they were demolished!

    By Geraldine Andrew (18/06/2012)