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By Michael Browne

Here’s sheet 5 of the photo and the name listing. The original is very long but only 2 more sections to go. If you want a closer look just send me an e-mail requesting the required sheet/s to and I will sent back by return. If you can give me any names that are not already listed I will be very pleased. I would love to complete the listing.

Thanks to Pauline Hannigan and her old school friends I am able to update this page with 2 additional and 2 corrected names on 13 March 2016

St. Audreys Sheet 5 listing

234Rosalie   Freeman543 Brian Johnson745Colin Dennis
235Pauline   Lawrence544 Brian Sullivan746John   Rayment
236Dulcie   Fox546747John   Airey
237Pat   Hills547 Edward Bracey748
238Pat   Ling548 Keith Trugett749Peter   Kedge
239Irene   Jevon549 Trevor Howes750Brian   Sulivan?
240Pat   Elison550 ? La Maye751
241Valerie   Banham551 Colin Sawyer821Alan   Harrison
336Mr   Padget646 Pam Kirby822 Brian Pearman
337Mr   Roberts647 Sandra Peters823Martin   Parish
338Mr   Perry?648 Margaret Read824Martin   Lane
339649 Sheila Boreham825Bob   Barker
340Mr   Daish650 Phyllis Stoker826
341Mr   Kaye651 Doreen Wrigglesworth827Brian   Owen
342Mr   Dunwoody652 Diana Jennings828William   Walker
343Barbara   Brown653829Billy   Walker
448Elsie   Baker654Janet   Reeves830Peter   Jubb
449Margaret   Carter655Ivy   Hines831Jack   Mileham
450656Joan Simmons832Claud   Warren
451657Pat   Mardling833David   Caswell
452741Gerald   Plumb834Michael   Briggs
453742Derek   Faulds
454 Janet Reeves743David   Austin
455 Ivy Hinds744
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  • My sister, Sheila Boreham, is no. 649. Please add!

    By Christine Hinderlider née Boreham (23/08/2018)
  • My mum 650 Phyllis Stoker R.I.P.

    By Dawn wells (24/06/2018)

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