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By Michael Browne

This is the second sheet of the 1950s photo and the listing of the people in it.

Can you help and recognise anybody in the photo that to date has not been recognised or perhaps been given the wrong name. There are duplicates and uncertainties in the listing which I would like to  correct.

The photo on these pages does not magnify very well and a better full screen PDF copy can be obtained by e-mailing to

Thanks to Paulione Hannigan and her old school friends I am able to update this listing with 1 addional and 2 amended names on 13th March 2016

St. Audreys1950 Photo – Sheet 2 listing

107Ronald   Lawrence321Maureen   Taylor617
108322Miss   Lowe618Pamela   Ansell
109Ron   Jepson421John   Mardling619Sylvia   Cox
110Leslie   Cousins422Michael   Shapcot620Mary   Davies
212Janet   Gray423John   Perrin? Bazell?621Sylvia?
213Marion   Masham424Donald   Cordner622Evelyn   Johnson
214515Douglas   Farmer711
215Valerie   Hobbs516Dennis   Beech712David   West
216517Michael   Stone713Malcolm Reeves
217518John   Halsey714David   Perkins
218Kathleen   O’Connor519Ja,es   Wybrow715Robert    Weaver
219520Tony   Gunn716
314Jean   Collins521717Daniel   Kirby
315Jean   Gillian522Mivjael   Shapcott718
316Shirley   Smith523John   Perrin719Ronald   cater
317613Yvonne   Compton720Robin   Luddington
318Phylis   Taunton614Betty   Pailes721Michael   Browne
319Mary   Greenham615Delia   Harris801Jeff   Davies
320Mary   Holton616Joan   Golder
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  • Sad, 622 that’s my sister Evelyn Johnson, now sadly not with us.

    David Johnson, ex. St Audrey’s

    By DAVID JOHNSON (06/07/2018)

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