Sheet 3 of 7

By Michael Browne

This is sheet 3 of the photograph and the up to date listing of the people in it . The photo on this page does not enlarge very well and if you think you recognise anyone not already listed or think someone is miss named a full screen photo can be obtained by e-mailing

St. Audreys 1950 Photo – Sheet 3 listing

220Rosemary   Joiner530Peter   Clark724Dave   Jones
221Janet   Taylor531Tony   McQuade725Bernard   Nicholas
222Carol   Green532Tony   Cannon726
223Lillian   Hawthorne533Roy   Ridgeway727Jim   Folin
224Jacqueline   Cox534David   Jarvis728Michael   Williams
225 Jean ?535Gerald   Bullen729Jeff   Sankey/John Foland
322Miss   Lowe622Evelyn   Johnson730Donald   Pepard
323Miss   Stocker623Kath   Howard731Alan   Lawrence
324Mrs   Smith624Sheila   Mainard732John   Bates
325Mrs   Stein625Mary   Eames733Peter   Green
326Miss   Godfrey626734Dereck   Simms
327Miss   Harrisson627?   Moody735
328Mr   Stein628Betty   Markham801Jeff   Davies
329Mrs   Bent629Sylvia   Collins802Peter   Fordham
330Miss   Crowther630Sheila   Mardling803Mervyn   Dodds
425Michael   Golder631804Stan   Stammers
426Maurice   Currell632Barbara   Borham805Julian   Adcock
523John   Perrin633Brenda   Borham806Jeff   Sankey
524Dennis   Hedges?634807Geoffrey   Sankey
525Maurice   Currell?635Elizabeth   Hay808Brian   Topp
526Ivan   Bubbear636Molly   Loades809
527Lawrence   Dollimore721Michael   Browne810
528Tony   Watts722Leonard   Groom811
529Tony   Cannon/Dick Saint723Robert   Vardy812




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  • Poor old Mr Stein. He was our woodwork teacher. We “played” him up so much, I still remember putting sawdust in his coffee. Needless to say, I was sent to Mr Cox and got my just rewards, the cane on both hands!

    By DAVID JOHNSON (08/07/2018)

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