Sheet 7 of 7

By Michael Browne

Here is the last sheet of the photo with it’s name listing. I am looking forward to hearing from those of you who have previously not known of the lists existence who can add or correct the listing. For those younger people whose parents are in these sheets, and into family history etc I would be happy to send you a copy of the appropriate sheet for your records.

Thanks to Pauline Hannigan nee Gower and her old school friends this page has been updated with three additional and two amended names 13th March 2016

St. Audrey’s Sheet 7 listing

150359Ann   Dean668Maureen   ?
151John   Currell360669
152Alan   Kebble464670Mavis   Wilkinson
153Tony   Stutley465671Sheila   Hall
154John   Murphy466672Pauline   Vyse
155Eddie   Melcher467Christine   Snedden673Gloria   Paine
156Chris   Cooper468Jaqueline Wilde674Julia   Mitcham
157Alan   Bayford469675Molly   Monk
249Rosemary   Lyles470676Sheila   Purness
250Rosemary   Leech471677Sheila   Keith
251Moira   McQuade472Ivor   Carr760John   Whitehead
252 Pat Sorrell473761Ted   Jay
253Margaret Wrigglesworth474762Jeff   Gower
254Joy   Pierera559Ronin   Stancombe763
255?   Collarbone560David   Lahaye764
256Dorothy   Lees561Derek   Cooper765Tony   Rennie
257Joyce   Seaton562Donald   Folling766Michael   Route
258563Tony   Hamilton767Michael   Devonport
351Sheila   Pearman564Jack   Charlton768
352Eve   Humbles565Jim   Charlton769
353Dorothy   Cox566Alan   Hobbs770Don   Folin
354Brenda   Pavey567John   Walker771Terry   Mardling
355568Kenneth   Hastings772
356 Margaret Earl569Michael O’Conner773 John Berry
357666Joan   Collins
358667Jean   Beck
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Comments about this page

  • My brother Chris Cooper was there,knew Molly Monk and Rosemary Lyle was my neighbour

    By ann glessinger nee cooper (24/06/2018)
  • 154 John Scott not (Murphy)
    My dad we have this picture x

    By Barbara Scott (12/04/2018)
  • 158 John Scott
    My dad we have this picture x

    By Barbara Scott (12/04/2018)
  • 569 is my uncle, Michael O’Connor, the eldest of the three O’Connors featured. The other two are my dad, Patrick, and my aunt, Kate. They lived in Chapman’s Terrace in Old Hatfield when they were kids before moving to Stonecross Road.

    By Kevin O'Connor (14/01/2018)
  • My mum is listed on the 7th sheet – 354 Brenda Pavey, but I cannot see her due to the quality.

    Please could you let me know how I could obtain a copy of this photo. Thanks. [Someone will contact you shortly – Ed]]

    By Deana ROBERTS (22/05/2017)

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