Sheet 6 of 7

By Michael Browne

Here’s sheet 6 of the photo and the name listing. In reorganising the listing to cover each sheet instead of the listing by rows, I have found the list contains at least nine people with duplicate names. If you don’t agree with the name given to anyone please let me know so I can amend the listing. Luckily who ever set up this site they allow the subscriber easy access to do this. Contact me on if you would like a better copy of a sheet to properly recognise anyone.

Thanks to Pauline Hannigan nee Gower and her old school friends I am able to update this page with 3 additional and 6 corrected names on 13 March 2016.

St. Audrey’s Sheet 6 listing

146Cyril   Denning455Ivy   Hines661
147Donald   Peppiat456Janice   Mills662Brenda Seaton
148Colin   Grimsey457Pat   Mardling663Jean   Pankhurst
149Michael   baker458Nicolette   Caswell664
241Valerie   Banham459 Marlene Clegg665Margaret   Webster
242Pauline   Glover460666Joan   Collins
243Valerie   Hickson461Janice   Neville751
244Delia Pankhurst462752Kenneth   Hayle
245Pamela Whitbread463753John   Bangs
246Jill Woodhouse464754Dennis   Greenslade
247Margaret Hales551Colin   Sawyer756Alan   Warner
248Valerie Giles552758Dick   Palmer
249Rosemary   Lyles553Brian   Reeves759Arthur   Fever
342Mr   Dunwoody554760John   Whitehead
343Barbara   Brown555761
344Valerie   Sambridge556762
345Sylvia   Marvel557833David   Caswell
346Yvinne   Rickter558Gerald   Moore834Michael   Briggs
347Ann   Fowler559Robin   Stancombe835
348 Hilda Poole656Joan   Simmons836?   Meadows
349Isabel   McGregor657Sheila   Moore837
350 Jessie Jones658838
351Sheila   Pearman659Dorothy Cloes839Peter   Waring
454Janet   Reeves660Barbara   Sankey840Robert   Parrett
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