Dellfield (Newtown) School

The following article appeared in the Welwyn Times dated 9th April 1931:

Newtown School.—Sketch plans of an elementary school to provide accommodation for 480 children,  to be erected on the recently-acquired site in Newtown, Hatfield, have been approved by the Board of Education, at an estimated cost of £21,292. The drawings show an arrangement of ten class rooms, all having a southerly aspect, with an assembly hall, cloak-rooms, lavatories, head teachers’ and staff  rooms, book store and caretakers store. The site stands back about 750 feet from the main Hatfield—St. Albans road, and adjacent to the land proposed to be developed under the Briars Lane housing scheme.

Newtown School was built in 1933 was closed in 1985 the buildings were then used as an extension of Oaklands Further Education College. This extension closed c. 1998,  the buildings demolished and the land used for housing.

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  • I went to Newtown Primary from 1960 to 1966. I lived in Holly close and from the age of 9 walked to school. Is was OK on the way as it was down hill, not so much fun up. I did country dancing in the main hall. The Gay Gordon being one of the dances. I loved being milk monitor and it was great being asked to get and return the register. Excellent playing fields behind and a metal apparatus climbing frame on GRASS. Outside toilets to boot. I liked this school very much and have fond memories of kind teachers.

    By Adrian Myers (21/04/2021)
  • I have been reading with interest the various comments. However they seem to be mainly from people who attended in the 50,s Where are all the pupils who went there from the late 30,s to the late 40,s?

    By Brian Rawling (05/02/2021)
  • I was at Dellfield school from 1939-1944, I recall the day when the German bomber came over the school on fire after being hit at de Havilland’s. We were in class and looked up through the window to see the plane in all its detail, there was no warning and it machine gunned the play ground. I lived in Stonecross Road which seemed a long way to walk four times each day. I note Brian Rawlings (my friend) has contributed in 2017.

    By Jeff Prettyman (30/01/2021)
  • Loved this school so much, reading the comments from others, especially from those that I knew have brought back so many memories. Roger Rawding? Rawlings, where are you. Irene/Liza, glad you still alive and seem to be happy. Philip Nunn, Carol Tulip, Debbie Wright, Jane Pearson, Eileen Coulson, Paul Stanbrook, Vera Cadillac?, Richard Vye, Gary Hopkins, Paul Stansfield, Barry Canon, Peter Healy, Stephen Webb and so many other not to mention the teachers. You are all part of my DNA. Thanks for all the memories. Xxx

    By David Seib (07/01/2021)
  • I have just discovered this lovely page! I was only at Newtown for just over a year, having moved to Hatfield from the north-east. My Dad, Mr Mitchell, was a teacher there and I was in his class! He subsequently went on to become Deputy Head at Millwards school. He retired in 1980, and died in 2010, aged 95. I do remember some of the names. Carole Nash (Furse) – thank you for remembering me, and I remember you too! And of course we both moved on to secondary school together. So I also remember Graham – and belated congratulations on your marriage! Other names, Angela Wells. I would sometimes walk home with her, via Briar’s Lane, with another friend, whose name escapes me. And the Chittocks. And, I think, Christopher Salter. He was very good at chess and would often pull out his pocket chess set at lunchtimes and a few of us would have some games. I remember Mr Preston being quite fearsome, but also kind, beneath his bluff exterior. Mr Rhodes, who took us for country dancing, was very fearsome! He would shout at anyone who put a foot wrong, so I was shouted at frequently! I remember Mr Pomfrey, Mr Jolly, and a good many others. We went on a trip to Heathrow airport once and I think visited the control tower. I was in and out of the school football team (more out than in!) and remember Gascogne Cecil being the best team around. They demolished everybody, including us! I really enjoyed my time at Newtown. As a ‘new boy’, from as far away as the north-east, everyone made me feel very welcome and helped me settle in. I have nice memories of the school.

    By James (Jim) Mitchell (13/10/2020)
  • Does anyone remember the pageant ( in 1952?)? I was at Newtown from 1951-57. My father was Mr Jolly (he taught Art at the time). in my class was David Preston , who was the son of the Headmaster Mr Preston. I remember dear Miss Cotterell, Miss Allen, and Mr Pomfrey; playing netball ( not being very good, I counted the times I touched the ball!), dancing round the maypole (that was fun!), eating dinners in the outside classroom (which was also also the art room) , the outside toilets ( frozen in the winter ), learning to knit with miss Allen (disastrous!) and playing recorders. I was a pageboy in the pageant and still remember my one line ” you must come and see my falcon, she’s a beauty”.

    By Diana Wetherell nee Jolly (30/05/2019)
  • Wow what memories these comments have brought back. I attended Newton Primary from 1961. I started in Miss Cottrell’s class and have vivid memories of standing around the edge of the classroom to have our hands inspected for cleanliness and needing to have a clean hanky! I was moved to Briars Lane and remember there was a swimming pool there. Miss Shiites was a fab teacher as was Mr. Cox. I loved the huts. Going to Mr. Preston’s office for silver stars after you had gained 3 coloured stars and then once you had three silver stars you were awarded a gold! The dreaded clock. I rarely stayed for schools dinners as I lived at 50 Maryland. My sisters Kathleen and Sarah and brother Paul also went there. Friends I remember are Jane Pearson she could sing and play the piano very well, Linda Joyner, Carol Tulip, Julie Bishop, Ian Bowden, Roger Slater, Debbie ??, Gillian Barber, Donna Kettley, Phillip Nunn, Irene Dixon, Paul Stanbrook. I loved morning assembly and the big hymn sheets. I had the job to set them up on the correct hymn for a while. Happy memories.

    By Maureen Chisholm (Edmeades) (04/08/2018)
  • Just found this site and loved reading all the memories of Dellfield, most of which I also share. I went there from 1952 to 1958, then on to what became Hatfield Girls’ Grammar. I loved all my teachers: Miss Cottrell (big round glasses and a kind smile), Miss Robinson (sandpit), Miss Allen (strict and vegetarian), Mr Evans, Mr Jolly, Mr Willis and Mr Ecob (he taught us the recorder and gave me piano lessons for a short time). Mr Preston was imposing but I collected so many gold stars from him that I wasn’t afraid of him. He retired to Norfolk, I believe. Mr Pomfrey was another matter, he put the fear of God into me although he never told me off. I lived on Selwyn Crescent. Classmates I remember are Diana Schofield, Carla Watts, Muriel Wilkinson, Marcia Honey, Derek Gill, Ann Hulks, Peter Hostler, Steve Powell, Patricia Slater and Yvonne ?. My best friend was Jacky Winser who was in the huts and also lived on Selwyn Crescent. Does anyone who went on to St Audreys remember my sister Sheila? She was only 5 when the doodle-bug flew within inches of the corner of our house and hit No. 2. My Dad was an accountant at De Havillands.

    By Christine Boreham (26/07/2018)
  • I attended the school probably between 1958ish to 1960ish. I remember my friend David Shephard. I moved with my family around 1960 to North Wales. I lived at no54, Bishops Rise. I can’t remember my class teachers but it was my first school and I have mostly happy memories and a few bad ones. I remember Mr Preston, the Head, and Mr Jolly but I cannot recall what they looked like. The teacher who taught me in my first class was very nice.
    Alan Goring 21/02/2018

    By Alan Goring (21/02/2018)
  • My uncle was Reg Kirkby, the caretaker while I was at Newtown, 1972-75. My cousins, Brian, Brenda, Barbara and Beverly all went there. Mr Pomphrey gave me and Clifford Wilson 200 lines for writing “Shout please” on the black board… (well at least were polite!) But that slipper frightened me witless. Also remembered… Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Mitchell, Miss Bowman, Mrs. Wragg the nurse, the awful smell of the dining hall and the Dragon of a lunchtime assistant whose name I can’t remember. Happy days and some not so happy times too.

    By Simon Kirkby-Kent (06/01/2018)
  • Along with my four siblings I attended Newtown school in the 1960s. I have an elder brother, David, a twin named Keith and two younger sisters named Linda and Sandra. My teachers included Miss Shutes, Miss Allen and Mr Rhodes. Close friends included Kim Rockall and Robert Saunders. We are still friends with others who attended the school including Ken Healey and Andy McDonald.

    My name is Geoffrey Shephard

    By Geoffrey Shephard (12/12/2017)
  • I am an ex pupil of Newtown (Dellfield) School. Does anybody know Miss Allen’s Christian name?

    By David Johnson (03/10/2017)
  • I was born in Hatfield in December 1934. I lived on Stonecross, number 127, I attended Dellfield School, St Audreys School and finally the Northwestern next door to the Stonehouse Hotel. Polytechnic in north London. I clearly remember Grays Garage in Old Hatfield, there was also a Garage called Waters in Old Hatfield and also on the Barnet By-pass before the A1(M) next to the Stonehouse Hotel.

    By Brian Rawling (01/10/2017)
  • Joan Reynolds (Dynes) I worked for her Dad at Hatfield British Aerospace. I was Angela Wells now (Varndall) first teacher Miss Cotterall I remember the sandpit and in later years skipping in the playground. Would love to hear from Carole Nash (Furse) . I am on Facebook as Angela Varndall and currently live in Cornwall. My brother David Wells who also went to Newtown still lives in Hatfield. He was married by Mr Preston to Elizabeth Padgett whose mum was a teacher at Newtown whilst I was there.

    By Angela Varndall (01/08/2017)
  • I was born in Hatfield in December 1934 so I would have stayed at Dellfield in, or about, 1939. I have an old school photograph with Miss Marsden the class teacher. I am able still to I.D. nearly all the names on the picture. There are only about six which escape me.
    I remember Mr Cox ( who could ever forget him ) to say I was terrified of him would be an understatement.
    Apart from Mr Cox and Miss Marsden, I remember Mrs Dawes whose husband, a fellow teacher, was in the forces, and used to visit the school when he was on leave. I also recall Miss Cotterill, Miss Barratt ( music ) and Mrs Boyle.
    When I reached leaving age, I went up to St. Audrey’s, and then onto the North Western Polytechnic in London.
    It wasn’t until I first accessed this web page that I knew the old school had been demolished, very sad.
    I moved to Norfolk in 1959, and I used to live on Stonecross Rd. I am still in E Mail contact with Geoff Prettyman who is on the old photo I have and I have until recently been in touch with Dave Dean, who both lived on Stonecross.

    By Brian Rawling (23/05/2017)
  • I went to Dellfield when I was 5 years old, in 1945. The photo’s bring back memories; ink pots in the wood desks, a small bottle of milk each day, playing marbels, conkers,and tops in the playground. Stopping off on the way to school to buy a hot bun for three farthings…..oh happy days.

    By Reg Johnson (29/02/2016)
  • I was at the school during 1945.

    Oh yes i remember being sent to stand under the clock.

    Dear old Mr Cox. my hands still sting !

    By david johnson (23/02/2016)
  • It is always lovely to read postings on this site. I lived in Feather Dell and attended both Newtown School and Onslow. How things have changed in education since those days. I taught here in Norfolk until 2003. Anyway, my first day in 1960 I remember so well. I was in Mrs Cotterel’s class – a lovely lady! Next year, I think it was the wonderful Miss Shutes. Others were Miss Allen, Mrs Lamb and Mr Rhodes. I have to admit that I thought that it was very strict! I remember bumping into Mr Preston with  a tray of paint,and a bit went on his suit—— well he terrified the pants off me and threatened me with all kinds of punishments! A few years ago I wrote a list of all those in my class which I still have. There were some lovely people  there. A few went to live in Australia–Kay Hussey, Celia Bateman and a few others.

    I remember having to eat lunch in silence especially when Mr Willis was around and also having to eat food that I didn’t like.

    Anyway, it would be nice to hear from anyone who remembers me.

    By Nicola Knights (26/11/2015)
  • Well what a wonderful read down memory lane. I remember the huts and the PE shed. Waiting to go to lunch in the dining hall / sometimes art room! The staff would sit at a raised platform and have their lunch. Who remembers the pets? I was a pet monitor along with Peter Armstrong and some others. Who remember sports days? I came last in the sack race but finished anyway for which I was given the school shield for carrying on! I remember the sad day we were told that Philip (can’t remember his surname) had been killed by a bus. I remember Kim Harvey and Brian (he went to Scotland). Mr Mitchell and his stories of his war days and yes our times table … I can still do them all now! What about the school plays and the country dancing? I can remember the picture by the hall doors and next to Mr Preston’s room as I had to stand facing it often for being naughty! Wonderful days … The sun clock behind the school, being able to watch the eclipse through smoked glass and so, so much more. Days of innocence and happiness!

    By Ian Bowdem (21/11/2015)
  • Good Afternoon,

    In reply to Mr Ted Rengerts comment last year. Carol Birch is my Mother and is the Daughter of my Late Grandfather Phil Birch of Lemsford Road. He passed away 11 years ago.

    It is lovely to see all of your comments and very interesting to see some of my Grandads old friends.


    By Kate Mullender (25/09/2015)
  • I went to Newtown 1959 – 1965 and have fond memories. Miss Allen appeared to be tartar but was really kind to me when I missed the Christmas Party due to appendicitis. She sent me a parcel containing Cadburys chocolate fingers and lots of other goodies. I was amazed at her kindness.

    I started with Miss Cottrell (yes the need for a clean hanky has never left me!). I also remember Miss Lamb, Miss Blacklock, Mr Rhodes, Mr Barnes (music) and Mr Pomphrey. I loved being in the “huts” with the big coal fired stoves.

    By John Cheshire (17/08/2015)
  • Liz Davey (Irene Dixon) I remember you too Liz and yes we were good friends.  I was gutted when we moved away and I lost touch with you and my other friends!  Yes life is treating me well and I hope the same if true for you.

    By Linda Joyner (08/07/2015)
  • I remember you Linda Joyner (Little), we were good friends! Irene Dixon, I’m now Liz Davey (I use my middle name & married). All the classmates you mention I recall well. Ms Shutes was the teacher who read The Borrowers. Such lovely long summers, or so it seemed. No one has mentioned the school apparatus outside. We had to take turns as to who could use them. Probably not allowed now due to health and safety. I was only looking at my writing book with the stars in from Mr Preston the other day, so glad I kept it. I hope life is treating you well!

    By Liz Davey (Irene Dixon) (23/06/2015)
  • I was the last in my family to go to this school from 1970-75.  Remember Preston leaving while I was there, new headmaster would hit kids on the hand with a ruler, a piece of cake after the cane and pomphreys slipper.  Also remember the school outing to Kingston in Herefordshire.  Fellow classmates were Stuart Clark, Steve Smith, Colin Crabtree, Michael Wright, Mark Hopkins.  Conker trees and sports day..good times.  The tortoise’s name was Fred by the way and he was the subject of a Blue Peter story when his shell was torn off by a lawn mower and replaced with some man made shell. Remember there were pigs who lived off the scraps from lunch.

    By Dorian Vincent (20/05/2015)
  • Loved reading about peoples memories. Mr Cox was my Grandad and was pictured in a photo on this site but unable to find now. My mother Peggy Cox (married name Jones) also went to the school in 1933. I live in my Grandparents house in Selwyn Ave. (not scarry now). In fact I have  always lived in the Avenue.

    Love to hear  about my family. I went to Onslow and my 2 brothers to Hatfield School.

    By Penny Bicknell ( Jones ) (23/12/2014)
  • I was born in Dellfield Road in 1932 and attended the Newtown School from 1937 to early 1941 when my parents moved to Boston Lincolnshire after the De Havilands  was bombed.  I recall a Mr Pomfrey and a Miss Marsden… Also remember Miss Lusty’s sweet shop and my older brother Maurice Dawson..taking me on a Sunday afternoon to the convent to have a story told to us by the nuns. I am now 82 years old but come back to Hatfield as often as I can.  I was back there as recent as October 2014 

    Beatrice Orrey ( nee Dawson)

    By Beatrice Orrey (14/12/2014)
  • I see many names that I remember, I attended from the Summer of 1942 to the summer of 1947 when I moved to St. Audreys. There are many names that I remember at both schools , although many are just the surnames of the elder brothers and sisters mentioned. You will probably remember me better as “Buster” the nickname given me by Mr Pomfrey and a name I used throughout my scouting days in Hatfield.

    Barbara Martin (nee Pawsey) I remember your name as we (My brother Robin and I) were often waiting for the same bus from Ellenbrook. But have you seen the photo on the other heading for Dellfield School, I’m sure you are in that photograph.

    I was always nervous of Mr Cox the headmaster who lived in Selwyn Avenue. We lived in Bramble Road and so when I was walking to the Mission Hall in Roe Green I always walked along Selwyn Drive and Crescent to get to the main road footpath crossing to Roe green to avoid passing his house.

    I see there’s a comment from a Ted Rengert about the bombs. Yes Ted I cannot remember you but that doddle bug stopped right over our house and I was just 7 at the time and under the table when our French door were blown in. All the rubble from the houses was cleared and dumped into the Ellenbrook field and became part of our playground.  Bricks are very useful for making fireplaces in dens!

    And that bomb on De havillands in 1940 I’m told bounced on the forecourt right into my Dads hanger and exploded.  The warning was sounded at the last minute but luckily most of the men working there had managed to get into the blast shelters in time.

    By Michael Browne (09/12/2014)
  • I went to Newtown School from 1958 to 1969 and I remember a lot of the names. Mr Preston was the headmaster and I remember that when we did good pieces of work we got coloured stars, then a silver star and then a gold star which you had to go and get from Mr Preston. Does anyone remember the Maypole we had one year and Miss Allen taught us how to dance round it? My best friend was Barbara Goffee, we were in the same class as Rosalind and Veronica Chittock. I remember the wooden classrooms with the coal heaters, Mr Pomfrey was in one side. Mr Mitchell was my form teacher when I left and his son James was in my class too. Anyone remember Angela Wells and Richard Thornycroft (I was sweet on him)

    By Carole Nash now Furse (06/12/2014)
  • I went to Dellfield School from 1936 to 1941 and remember many of the teachers mentioned in the other comments.

    I now live in New Zealand and I was very touched by the many comments as they brought fond memories.

    Miss Coterill and her religious stories; Mr. Pomphrey’s slipper; Miss Marsden who gave me once a resounding clip round the ear for laughing at David Webbs misfortune; kind Miss Harradine; so many fond memories.

    I lived in Selwyn Crescent and remember the flying bomb hit in September 1944.

    Does anyone remember when DH’s was bombed in 1940?

    One of the comments was from a Carol Birch. I sat next to a Philip Birch who lived in Lemsford Road. Any relation? 

    By Ted Rengert (22/11/2014)
  • I also went to Newtown and remember some of the people here. My teachers were Mr Fisher (great for art), Miss Allen (frightening) and Mr Pomphrey (Betting and the slipper!) Thoroughly enjoyed my time there and many fond memories. Stinky toilets, under the hall in the stock cupboard, pink custard on chocolate pudding, conker trees, sports days and difficult maths lessons but I did learn my tables, some pupils standing under the clock as a punishment..usually Billy Lacey! I remember having a fight with Billy and becoming mates afterwards…he wasn’t a bad lad at all! Some pupils I remember include Dave Rawson  Dave Steed, Arnie Knight and Bert the football with me.

    By John Davison (30/09/2014)
  • The name Carol Birch is definitely familiar but I can’t put a face to the name.  Carol, you think my mum and yours may have been friends, what is your mum’ first name and where did you live. I’ll see if my mum remembers her and you. Did you have brothers or sisters? We lived in Bishops Rise to start with and then moved into a lovely cottage in Hatfield Park in about 1963/64, a real children’s paradise.  Not sure it was so much fun for my mum though as she didn’t drive and so had a long walk to shops. Miss Cotterell also taught my dad in about 1938, he moved from Lemsford into Hatfield at that time and had fond memories of her.  The names Mr Jolly and Mr Rhodes also ring a bell with me although again I can’t think what they looked like.  I remember making rag dolls in class and doing cross stitch to make table mats, I had a really good sewing session one day, got lots of cross stitch done only to find, at the end of the lesson that I had sewn my mat to my skirt! Had to undo all the stitching, I was so upset! I was a librarian, looking after the books in the corridor I think (although my memory of this is vague) but I do know I had a green, oblong librarian’s badge of which I was very proud and kept it for a long time after I left the school. Would love to see any old photos that anyone has.

    By Linda Little (24/09/2014)
  • I was amazed at what Linda Joyner has written. We were obviously in the same class. I too remember Dellfield with fondness. Miss Cotterill had taught my Father in the same classroom ,in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s and was friendly with my Great-Grandparents. When she retired in about 1963 , the local newspaper photographed her with two of us “second generation” pupils either side of her. I still have the press cutting.I remember some of the names that people have listed. I think that Mrs Joyner was friends with my Mum and therefore Linda and I were probably friends too. I remember Linda Gates , but memories are cloudy about the children that I knew. Staff were kind to me , especially Mr. Jolly & Mr. Rhodes who had both taught my Mum. The one that I clashed with was Mrs. Lamb over a knitting project. Does anyone remember John Sands. He was my best friend and the only one that I have had recent contact with. I left Dellfield in April 1964 aged 8 , and was very distressed about it for a long time. Best Wishes to all of you.

    By Carol Birch (now Mullender) (23/08/2014)
  • My maiden name was Linda Joyner and I went to the school until, I think 1965 when my family left the area.  I have wonderful memories of my time at Newtown.  My older brother and sister also went to the school and I started at Newtown in Miss Cotterell’s class.  I remember the wendy house and the daily routine when we would have to line up around the room and our hands would be checked for cleanliness and if we didn’t have a clean hankie we would be given a piece of old rag.  In my second year us younger children moved to the new Briars Lane school and I was in Mrs Farmer’s class.  We all then moved back to Newtown.  We were in the wooden classrooms heated by a coal burner and we had a rota to fill the coal scuttle.  I remember my little brother would walk round from Briars Lane school and wait for me to take him home and one Christmas my teacher (can’t remember her name) asked him to come in and join in our Christmas party, so kind.  I remember Julie Mateer, Gillian Barber, Carol Tulip, Irene Dixon, Philip Nunn, Paul Stanbrook, Donna Kettley, Maureen Edmedes and a girl called Jane who had a lovely singing voice and would sing to the class.  I used to have to take my little brother to school in the morning and was given permission by the head, Mr Preston to cut across the playing field so I wouldn’t have to walk the long way round but after a few mornings, Mr Pomfrey saw me and told me off for taking the short cut, I was too scared to tell him I had permission! I remember too the playing field with the lovely line of trees and us girls used to take beads and other jewellery in tins and swap them.  We had a teacher (again can’t remember her name) who read us the story of The Borrowers which I found enthralling and went on to read the rest of the series of books.  I too could go on with many more memories of such a happy time.

    By Linda Little (29/06/2014)
  • Yesterday I added a comment and was engrossed reading other people’s whose names I recognise. I couldn’t help having another look today. I attended from 1960, I still have my writing book with stars in including a gold one! It has poems in and practise writing. I remember Mr Pomfrey well and was terrified of him, he told us about the second world war and I was very frightened it might happen again and didn’t like hearing about the Nazi’s. Thursday was the dreaded day Mr Preston would come into the classroom and we’d all have to stand around the outside of the classroom while he went round and put his hand on your head and asked you a random times table. It was at that point I remember feeling like a rabbit in the headlights. So many of the other memories from other peoples comments I remember too. No one has mentioned the apparatus on the playing field, great summer days. Reading under the trees on sunny afternoons. The smell of the school dinners still lingers in my mind, it used to make me feel sick, and you were forced to eat everything. I loved staying after school for Miss Allen’s country dancing, I can still picture her. I have photo’s of the trip to Windsor castle with Mr Barnes in, Miss Hacket, I think she was a playground helper, David Seib, David lived in a big house known as millionares road and had lots of brothers I think. He bought me a ring which I still have! and Gary Hopkins in. Other people I can recall, Tina Churchill and her brother known as Butch, Paul Stanbrook, Mark Pitman, Linda Dynes, Christine Grace, Christine Rance.  I could go on……. I would love to hear some more stories!

    By Irene Dixon now Liz Davey (20/06/2014)
  • I lived in Selwyn drive and our house was bombed when I was five years old. I am now 75.  I went to school in Dellfield road and remember Miss Cotterell and Mr Pomfrey and headmaster Mr Cox.


    By Barbara Martin (nee Pawsey) (07/06/2014)
  • I went to this school in1948 it was a very happy place I still know my times tables thank you miss Allan we played flickers with cigarette packets

    By David Morgan (12/04/2014)
  • Joan Reynolds’ memories of pupils’ names reminded me of a few from my years (1952 to 1958). Susan Gill’s brother, Derek, Val Kibble’s brother, Michael, and Angela Schofield’s sister, Diana, were all in my year. I also recall Muriel Wilkinson, Deborah Thompson and Kathleen Rowsell. Think there was movement between classes. Other people in my year were Carla Watts, Marcia Honey, Alan Hulks, Kenneth Hall, Peter Hostler and Peter Williams.

    By Steve Powell (05/11/2013)
  • I used to live on St Albans Road and went to Newtown School from 1953 to 1959. It is lovely to read all the reminisces from everyone here. The teacher’s names bring it all back to me. We had moved to Hatfield as my father was working at De Havilands. I remember the old huts (draughty!) English Country Dancing, and netball taught by Mr. Rhodes. I have fond memories of Mr Preston, who became the local vicar and officiated at the wedding of my older sister Christine in 1963. She had attended Newtown for her final year so we were at the same school together briefly. Other pupils I remember are Susan Gill, Muriel Wilkinson, Kathryn Wetherman, Marion Howe, Deborah Thompson, Val Kibble, Kathleen Rowsell and Angie Schofield. Of the boys I only remember Andrew Wilson, and Susan’s elder brother Derek.

    By Joan Reynolds (formerly Dynes) (23/10/2013)
  • Mrs Lamb was my first teacher,followed by Miss Pelham,Mrs Adams(in the huts)and Mr Pomfrey(who i hated).I remember Mrs Martin,music teacher and Mr Jolly shouting when producing the school play(HMS Pinafore). Can anyone remember the 2 donkeys Marmalade and Marmaduke and Mr Prestons dog Rupert.

    By John Cooper (20/10/2013)
  • I remember this place well. Mr Priestley was the Head Master when I started (& yes, he was a vicar), followed by Mr Corteal (excuse the spelling). & yes, I remember Mr Pomphrey, he taught the parents of some of my frields. I also remember Mrs Lawrence & Mr Jolly, Newtown Instititions! Not forgetting the goegraphy field trip each year to Dunfield House in Hereford in the third year (year 5 in modern schooling).

    By Ian Sanford (18/10/2013)
  • I went to school there 1958 – 63. Mr Preston head teacher. Caretaker Mr Kirby. In my years were Rob Collins, Angela Pateman,Tony Joiner,Billy Lacey,Avril Smart,Gary Sage,Alex Hagger,Brenda Kirby,David Lawerence,Steven Wasnock,Helen White,Jackie Francis and many more. Lovely day

    By Dennis day (13/10/2013)
  • I went to New Town school between 1956 -1961 and I got the slipper a lot by Mr Pomfrey with Roy Whybrow, Glen Tippin, Frances Manning, and Michael Bates and a lot more.

    By michael carney (31/08/2013)
  • I lived in Selwyn Drive and went to Newtown from 1952 to 1958. My teachers included Miss Cotterell, Mrs Robinson, Miss Ross, Miss Allen, Mr Evans and Mr Pomfrey (with his slipper!). I also had Mr Pitman and Mr Jolly for some subjects – art, etc? School meals weren’t bad but I hated Macoroni with dates and all the other milk puddings!

    By Steve Powell (10/08/2013)
  • Does anyone remember the model castle and the wooden classrooms?

    By Tony Joyner (26/06/2013)
  • I was at Newtown from 1958 to 1963 my first teacher was Miss Cottrol (not sure of the spelling) I have some very good memories. I remember going to all the classroom doors and writing how many bottles of milk each class wanted and the straws were in a grey box. And the awful out side toilets. Also remember the new toilets being put in.

    By Tony Joyner (25/06/2013)
  • My brother, sister and I all went to Newton School in the late 70’s in quick succession. Nothing but wonderful memories of this school. Playing recorder, conkers, the tortoise, marbles, semolina and cornflake tart, queueing for Custard “seconds”. Best of all the teachers, Mr Heathfield who used to close the curtains, switch of the lights and have candles and incense on while he would tell us spooky stories with one child on watch by the corridor in case the headmaster came down! Mrs Lawrence – firm but fair and a wonderfully dry sense of humour.

    By Nicholas Vassiliades (17/05/2013)
  • My family moved from London to Hatfield in 1940 and I went to Newtown school from 1940-45. I remember well the outside toilets, and the shelters behind the school where we went during air-raids, which fortunately were few. The Headmaster was Mr Cox, and I think the Headmistress was Miss Cotterell. Memorable moments for me were when I was made milk monitor, whose job was to ensure all the pupils got their daily third-pint bottle of milk and no more, and then door monitor, who had to stand on the steps to stop anyone entering the school during playtime. In about 1942 a mobile film unit came and showed us one half of the film ‘The First of the Few’, about the Spitfire. Why only a half I don’t know – probably not enough time for the whole thing. I also won a prize for a poem about the De Havilland Mosquito, but I can now reveal, after 70 years, that I copied it from a book of humourous poems about aircraft called ‘Oddentifications’ by Wren. Shameful! I was saddened when the school was demolished – there’s so little left of the Hatfield I knew in my childhood.

    By David Hills (17/01/2013)
  • Did Sharon Albanese have a brother called Wayne?

    By Linda Skelcey (29/12/2012)
  • This was my primary school. Mr Preston who I remember frequently exclaiming “There will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth” as children were placed under the clock for being naughty….. In the classrooms I remember Mr Pomfrey (who loved cricket and I remember the radio on I think or a tv, not sure but no lessons),Mr Rhodes… lots of the boys getting the slipper and being put in the corner and a dunce’s hat!! Mr Pomphrey used to pour water over them too. The cane was also used but it all seemed normal to us. I think girls got a ruler. Mrs Martin was Sir George Martin’s wife (of Beatles production fame) but we didn’t know then how famous he would become. I am still in touch with his daughter who I went to the Girls Grammar with. I remember Mr Jolly and the trees too! I can still remember singing Jerusalem and country dancing and sword dancing… Happy days!!

    By Linda Skelcey (27/12/2012)
  • Mr Cashmore was our sports teacher, also remember getting different coloured stars for good work, had to see the headmaster for gold ones! was it Mr Corteal or Mrs Martin, taught music? I remember the blind man and his dog coming in to tune the piano. Great days indeed.

    By Mark Phllips (23/11/2012)
  • Remember my time here. Mr Pomfrey, Mrs Lamb, Mrs Lawrence, outside toilets…playing top trumps, conker picking, and a tortoise roaming around, I could go on forever…sad its gone..

    By Mark Phillips (23/11/2012)
  • I attended this school, as did my brother Shaun, years before me. Very fond memories. I was saddened at its demolition.

    By Samantha Bubb (29/07/2012)
  • I also went to school here as did my brother.We moved to Hatfield in 1953 and both attended there at this time.I loved it! The beautiful rocking horse in the infant class with Miss Cotterill, her large glass of tiny sweets she gave to those who deserved them. The lovely Mrs Robinson in the next class,Mr Jolly the Art teacher in the huts,Miss Allen who always appeared so stern ,the good looking Mr Willis who I had a crush on and of course Mr Pomfrey who slippered the boys if they were naughty. I loved the fields and ground all round the school and the row of beautiful horse chestnut trees where we played. We would repeat our times tables every day and I still remember them and I’m 65 this year! What a delightful place it was .Can’t believe its gone forever.

    By Geraldine Andrew (15/06/2012)
  • I lived in Feather Dell and attended Newtown Primary School until 1969 when we migrated to Australia my maiden name was Hughes. I have fond memories of the school the playing fields with there line of Plain and Horsechestnut trees and collecting conkers in Autumn. So sad to find its all gone.

    By Sharon Albanese (08/05/2012)
  • I lived in Dellfield Road througout the 80s and 90s. I remember the school buildings fondly, and the fields surrounding them too. Learnt to ride my bike on the smooth tarmac in this very picture! I also think this was the first place I voted in an election too. By Kieran Thorpe (19/10/2011)

    By Kieran Thorpe (19/10/2011)