Dellfield school VE Party (1945)

By Miriam Gaskin

VE day party 1945  Dellfield School. Were you there?

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  • I was at this school in 1945, I don’t remember a party there, so it probably was a party for Dellfield Road residents themselves BUT I do remember this hut and the picture brings back memories of eating our School Dinners in this hut that was at the eastern end of the main building. It was also used as a classroom for St. Audrey’s pupils when their school was bombed.  

    By Michael Browne (13/03/2016)
  • I believe that the woman standing half way to the left, with dark hair could be my grandmother Daisy Halsey. Also I think one of the children is June Bullen.

    By Steve Bullen (12/12/2011)
  • Dellfield School was also known as Newtown School. Laura Bates who lived in Dellfield Road and attended this party said that the VE day party was for the children who lived in Dellfield Road and Briars Lane and was held in the hut at Newtown School/Dellfield Road School.

    By Christine Martindale (11/06/2011)