Dellfield (Newtown) School Class Photos

Class X1 with Miss Plumb. Do you recognise any of the pupils? What is the year?
A class at Newtown School c.1936. Mr Cox the Head Master is the teacher on the left. 4th from the left in the front row is Nellie Bates who was about 10yrs old when the photo was taken.
This photo from Jean West (nee Birchall) was taken in 1937. Jean is sitting in the front row table to the left of the photo. Jean is on the right and her best friend Doreen Smith is sitting on her left.
This photo of Jean West's (nee Birchall) is taken in 1939. The teacher is Miss Legeton , who later married Mr Dawes the Deputy Headmaster.
Another of Jean West's class photos taken in 1940. Jean is sitting in the third row, second from the left. Mr Pomfrey is the teacher before he was called up for the War.
The last of Jean West's photos taken in 1941/2. Jean is in the second row, fourth from the right. The teacher is Miss Harradine.
This photo belongs to Irene Chapman (nee Phillips). Class 9, c1937/8. The teacher possibly is Miss Todd.
Another of Irene Chapman's (nee Phillips) photographs. Class 8, 1939 the teacher was Miss Ferris.
The last of Irene Chapman's (nee Phillips) school photos. 1941 Class 4.
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  • I was at Dellfield with a Greta Birchall. Was she any relation to you Jean? I have an old photo taken in Miss Marsden’s class. I would have started there in 1939/40.

    By Brian Rawling (21/05/2017)
  • I remember Terence being evacuated to Stonecross. I believe he was with the Prettyman’s house and later the Dean’s house. I believe he had a sister called Maureen?. Lived at 127 Stonecross Rd at the time.

    By Brian Rawling. (13/05/2017)
  • I was at Dellfield most of my evacuation (all of WW2 I was evacuated to Stonecross Rd); I was 5 yrs’ old so must have been transfered to St Audrey’s in 1944; shortly after this St Audrey’s was hit by the V1 (I was in the Morrison shelter in Stonecross Rd at the time!) I also recollect the German plane bombing De Havilland’s.. I was at Dellfield School at the time.

    By Terence Lenihan (25/01/2012)

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