Dellfield (Newtown) School

By Michael Browne

Dellfield School team

I, my brothers Robin, Brian and Trevor all attended this school. I from Sept 1942 until 1948. I missed out on getting to a Grammar School and went to St.Audreys but my three brothers all went on to St. Albans Grammar.

I attach a photo of a sports group in which includes my Brother Robin (far right middle row) who else remembers these people. Robin by the way went on to get a PhD and is at 75 still working part time as a consultant Marine Architect in Canada and specialises in ships working in Arctic Waters.

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  • I went to Dellfield from 1952 to 1958 and terrible Mr Pomfrey and the awful toilets were still there. But you may remember my big sister Sheila who lived on Selwyn Crescent and was evacuated after the doodle-bug passed within a few inches of our house and hit No. 2, I think in 1942. She also went to St Audreys until she was 16.

    By Christine Boreham (26/07/2018)
  • What Roger forgot to tell was that he is in this photo , seated right of centre holding the shield. Margaret Thompson is the second from the left back row I know some other faces as they moved up to St. Audreys but cannot put a name to them.

    By Michael Browne (24/05/2017)
  • I was at Dellfield from 1945-1951.I grew up on Crawford Road  which provided a very strong football team from 1950/51 which included team captain David Holden and David Watson Goalie.

    I see mention of Mr.Pomfrey who I did not like, but no mention of dear Mrs.Oliver. I always remember her phrase when a student answered ‘yes’ or ‘no”, she would say ” yes Mrs. Oliver he said politely”.

    My final year at Dellfield included students such as Robin Browne(still a close friend) and living nearby with his wife, in British Columbia,Canada. David Holden(deceased), David Watson, Fred Rhodes-may be spelt incorrectly, Chris Everard, Bob Glover, Valerie Piggott and Margaret Thompson, Daphne Bullock to name a few.

    Yes I still have many happy memories of Dellfield School, except for those toilets and Mr Pomfrey.

    My wife and I now live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

    Sorry no photos to add, but Mike(Buster)Browne did a good job and narrative.

    Roger Simms.

    By Roger Simms (23/04/2016)