Newtown County Primary School

By Michael Ansell

We had to be on our best behaviour because We were having a visit from the school governors.  We had to sit very quietly whilst Mrs McC ( Better known as Barbara Cartland ), swept along the corridor wearing a large wide brimmed hat which matched her leopardskin coat. You will remember that the corridor walls had window panes above four feet so that we could be observed, so our view of the grand visitation was only a head and shoulders image. People in my class, Phil Slater, Peter Dawes, Ann Jones, Timothy Collinson, Alan Thompson, Michael Davey, Roger Thorneycroft, Geoffry Poore, Dvaid Johnston, Lesley Davis, John Halsey, Michael Pritchard, Judy Argles, Georgie Suski, Ian Thompson, Roy Talbot, Sally Jeremiah, Michael OHarah, Jillian Felton……..  And many more. Dates 1954 – 1960

and our teachers Mr Preston, Mr Willis, Miss Cotterill, Mr Pomfrey,  Mr Evans, Mr Ecob, Miss Allen, Mr Pitman, Mr Fisher, Mr Halsey caretaker.

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  • I started Newtown school from 1952 to 1958 I remember my first teacher was Miss Timpson then Miss Cottrell’s class. I have mixed memories some good some not so good. standing under the clock in the very long corridor was not good. Chrismas was a very good time as the Teacher use to put on a panto for all the children. I would love to hear from Christine Boreham as she also lived in Selwyn Crescent and Steve Powell .

    By Charmaine Hancock (17/05/2021)
  • Liz Walters: The Chris Craddock that you mention, did he go on to the Abbey Boys School after his Eleven Plus Exam sometime around 1959? If so, the three of us, Chris Craddock, Harvey Rutt and myself were good friends back in the day.

    regards David Wheatley

    By David Wheatley (04/10/2020)
  • I went too Dellfield School until I emigrated to America in 1967. I remember my best friends was Anita and Beverly. I cant remember Beverly’s last name but I believe she was the black girl mentioned by Pierre Hendricks. I guess he must have been in one of my years.

    By Derin Wilsden Thompson (08/11/2019)
  • I attended Newton ~1959-1965. My mother enrolled me late and everyone had already met. I cried on my first day and met my best friend, Brian Smith, on that same day. I lived on Briars Lane – a short walk. My best day was getting a picture of Paul McCartney with chewing gum. I didn’t know who he was but every girl in that school did. The worst day was when I tried to pick up a friendly looking mouse that wasn’t. I remember the head master had a cricket bat for bad boys that smoked in the boys room and put a notch on it for every use. One teacher used a ruler to the back of my hand for punishment. Another teacher was a marksman with a piece of chalk. There was a boy who had polio and wore a brace. The first black girl I ever met was also the fastest in the school, they would start her several yards back and she would still win. Mr. Willis was my favorite teacher. I remember the music teacher was so impressed with my ability, she let me play the triangle. I still remember a teacher’s story that required us to figure out how to get out of a locked upstairs room (use the thread to pull up the rope). I remember that same teacher reading a book about little people in the woods (the height of the book) who were not hobbits. Loved the story but could never find it as a dad.

    By Pierre Hendricks (16/11/2018)
  • Sorry, I forgot to mention that my maiden name was Christine Boreham.

    By Christine Boreham (26/07/2018)
  • I went to Dellfield probably starting in 1953. Michael, your name sort of rings a bell, but I don’t recognise any of the names you mention. The only names I remember from my class are Patricia Slater, Carla Watts, Stephen Powell, Derek Gill. I remember Mr Ecob teaching us to play the recorder and he even gave me piano lessons for a time. Does anyone have any class photos? I liked all the teachers except Mr Pomfrey, who put the fear of god into me.

    By Christine Hinderlider (26/07/2018)
  • All of us Feltons went to Dellfield Rd school. Jillian is the oldest and is a grandmother, living in the northeast.

    By Miles Felton (29/04/2018)
  • My brother Chris Craddock went to Newtown school I think Mr Joe Preston was head? They had a small farm there and outside toilets!

    By Liz Walters (28/03/2015)