The St Johns Ambulance Building: Nursery c1940

By Derek Martindale

Children at the nursery in the St Johns Ambulance Building, Brian McCoy in the front. c1940
Brian McCoy
Children playing outside the building. Brian McCoy in the pedal car c1940
Brian McCoy

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  • That St John’s hut was still outside St Luke’s in 2019.

    By Miles Felton (08/11/2020)
  • Is this the old wooden building at the entrance to St Lukes Church, St Albans Rd? I recall being in there when we used to attend Newtown ( Dellfield ) in the 40,s.
    I believe that the building was used to house refugees from the Spanish Civil War. but I could be mistaken.

    By Brian Rawling. (25/01/2018)