Comet Hotel

Photo from the 1940s

By Hazel Petrie

My parents met while they were both working at the Comet Hotel in the 1940s.  My father, Charlie Dunn, was a waiter while my mother was a receptionist/book keeper.  Charlie is pictured on the right of this photograph.  Does anyone know who the other two are?

The Manager at the time was Mr Lera.

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  • Hi Mr Lera was my grandad’s cousin
    He moved to the UK from Italy 🤗

    By Raoul Lera (06/12/2018)
  • Used to drink in the Bar in the early 1970’s with friends. We worked at W.Waters and Sons, the garage on the Barnet By pass. I used to go horse riding with Frances Lera in the early 1960’s but don’t know if she was any relation to the Mr. and Mrs. Lera who managed it.

    By Christine Newman (nee Skinner) (27/07/2017)
  • Have only just picked up your comment, Reg! Thank you.  My mother said that she shared a room with a Mrs Farrell who was in charge of the linen room and that she was treated like a daughter by Mr and Mrs Lera who were the hotel’s proprietors.

    By Hazel Petrie (05/07/2016)
  • When my late wife Joan and I first met , she was one of the two secretary/receptionists there.In 1951.She lived in,so when we got married in1965 she had to leave. Mr. Lera was still the manager. (or owner ? )

    By Reg B. Coleman. (18/07/2015)