Hatfield Parish Church Choir


By Michael Browne

The photo taken in the mid 50s is of the Hatfield Parish Church Choir in front of the west door to the tower.  Sitting in the middle is Mr Collins the Organist and Choirmaster with The Rector Rev Say on his right and Rev David Farnborough on his left.  I recognise many  faces as in the choir at that time with my brother Trevor being the fair head immediately   behind the Rev Farnborough’s . the only other person who’s name I can remember is the tall lad on the far right,  who I’m sure is Colin Blunstone who became the lead singer  of the Zombies and a singer in his own right and who is still recording songs.

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  • I am behind the lad who is between Mr Say & Tom Collins the organist. To my left I think is Alan Knobbs. Also Ted Bennett & Peter Munton & his brother. I also think that the tall Man at the top left was be a Mr Gaskell.

    By John Giblenn (15/10/2021)