Chapmans Terrace

By Robert Hembury

Robert,Beatrice Hembury & daughter Violet
Robert Hembury

This photo taken at 5 Chapmans Terrace of my mum Beatrice (nee Fever) and dad Robert with my sister Violet. My Grand mother Eleanor Gayler was a previous tennant at 5 Chapmans Terrace. We lived there till they were pulled down and then moved to the post office Ayot Green. The Gayler family came from Ayot St. Peter.

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  • In my excitement of typing in my first Internet entry, I left a bit out. Ref. Robert & Beatrice: When my brother Ron was demobbed he, his wife and baby could find no house available. So they came to live with us. Fortunately the Hembury’s provided overnight sleeping accomodation until Ron and his family were allocated a pre-fab bungalow (in Littlemead, I think); one available to ex service men.NK

    By Reg Coleman (29/03/2015)
  • When the photo of Beatrice, Robert and Baby was taken, I lived next door at No. 6 with my mother, stepfather Ted Johnson and half-sister Gwen. Mum, Ted and my older sister Joan had moved from London in 1940 to escape the bombs. We already had connections with the area. Relatives lived in a cottage on Woodhall farm and Ted hailed from Hatfield Hyde. I met “our” Robert a few years ago at a Hatfield History Soc. event in the town centre. I had not seen him since my family left No. 6 in 1949 and moved into a brand new council house “Palace” in Birchwood Avenue. For information on the houses in Chapmans Terrace, see my entry: “A schoolboy’s impressions of Mill Green and Hatfield 1938 – 1943” on this web site.

    Keep the memories alive.

    Reg Coleman

    (Fulham, Chapmans Terrace, Birchwood Avenue , Lockley Cresent and Birchwood Avenue)

    By Reg Coleman (26/03/2015)
  • I seem to remember your name Marilyn, were we at school together. My sister died 9 months old before I was born. I am back living in Hatfield and have been widowed twice.I have no children but me and my first wife Barbara fostered 8 children, and we are still in touch and they treat me and call me dad. If you want go to my family tree site I have over 100 photo’s and you might recognise some people from Hatfield. You can also contact me through this site, I lived in Devon from 1989 till 2004 when my first wife died. hugs Robert

    By Robert Hembury (14/02/2015)
  • Re the picture of your mum and dad and sister Violet on the Hatfield History site.  I was intriqued to see it, I remember you and your brother Peter from when you lived in Cecil Crescent early 60’s.  Where do you live now? and Peter, what family do you have now.  I do not remember your mum having a daughter and neither does my mum, although she remembers them when they lived in Chapmans Yard/Terrace apart from Cecil Crescent. I have lived in Cornwall since 1968 when I left Hatfield to marry a sailor…. and here I still am. I was Marilyn Castle, there was Maurice (he died sadly in 2001) and Robert and Thomas, Robert lives in Church Street Old Hatfield and Tom lives in Essendon.  Lovely to see that picture.  Hugs Marilyn xxx 

    By Marilyn Thomas (30/12/2014)