HMS Pinafore at Hazel Grove School, July 1968.

Sue Walker

“Every year for many years, Mr Perry, our inspirational and idolised music teacher, masterminded a musical production at Hazel Grove to inspire as many children as possible and entertain the youngest children and all the parents. Often it was a Gilbert and Sullivan production, well-rehearsed and executed! Teachers, parents and the fantastic School Caretaker Mr Eames, and children created the scenery and parents (mums) made a lot of the costumes and did the make-up. Minor characters were often “multiplied” to allow as many children as possible to participate! For example the Operetta HMS Pinafore includes a cousin “Hebe” but in 1968 we had Hebe, Phoebe, Thebe, Willbe and Maybe! Mr Perry achieved amazing things with quite ordinary kids and my memories of the music, singing, choir competitions and trying hard to learn to play a recorder (and maracas!) will be with me for life.”

“In the full cast pictures there are too many to name but in the Main Character pictures we have Gaynor Richards as Buttercup and Andrew Roberts as Ralph Rackstraw on the left, and Paula Garn as Josephine and Keith Chandler as the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Porter KCB on the right.”

Main characters during the performance of HMS Pinafore. July 1968.
Sue Walker
The entire cast during the performance of HMS Pinafore. July 1968
Sue Walker
The entire cast during the performance of HMS Pinafore. July 1968.
Sue Walker
HMS Pinafore Programme
Sue Walker
HMS Pinafore Cast List
Sue Walker
HMS Pinafore Cast list & Production
Sue Walker
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  • I acted as Dick Deadeye in this historic performance, although my name was misspelt in the programme (‘Stephen’ instead of ‘Steven’). I remember having to deliver all of my spoken lines in a gruff, pirate fashion but because I couldn’t sing in the same manner I used a normal choirboy style, which I think must have seemed strange for the unsuspecting audience.
    After the final performance each of the main characters were presented with a small gift and I recall receiving a hardback book of Sandy The Sailor, presented to me by Kay McGregor, who was from a younger age group.
    A couple of years after this show my brother, Michael, was cast as Oliver in the Hazelgrove production of the West End play.
    A final note: I think that while at Hazelgrove School Gaynor Richards (now Gaynor Warlow) may have been the first girl I ever kissed!!

    By Steven Axford (10/12/2021)
  • Brought back some great memories.
    Mr Perry , Ms Ford and Mr Eames and all the teaching staff did a fantastic job in putting on these Productions. The scenery back drop rivalled the West End. Oliver was another great Production.
    I should know as I think I played Sailor number 22 in this one.

    By Steve Skeggs (17/01/2021)
  • I loved this and great pictures

    By Sue Harvey (nee Susan Hollis (17/01/2021)
  • Amazing ! I remember the Jack Tar hat my Dad made, the songs, the rehearsals and quite a few of the names.

    By David (02/08/2020)
  • My first country dance was with Gaynor at Hatfield School. We never observed any 2 metre distance nor sanitised hands.

    By cally User callomon (02/07/2020)
  • Remember it well .. I was Captain Corcoran and still remember the songs great memories

    By Richard Everett (24/04/2020)
  • There’s a few names to conjure with here!! I remember 90% at least. Great school, great school mates!

    By Michael Vardy (24/04/2020)
  • What memories this brought back. I was the ‘Bumboat Woman’ – a label that caused much hilarity at the time! The character standing next to me in the first photograph is not Andrew Roberts but Richard Everett who charismatically played the character of Captain Corcoran.
    I remember Mr Perry and also the amazing Mrs Ford who was an extraordinary pianist with a huge repertoire yet never appeared to use any sheet music!. All those songs were in her head! She played while looking over one shoulder, reprimanding anyone messing about at the back! Both teachers gave up so much time and energy to put on this incredible production. So much fun!
    Gaynor Warlow ( Richards)

    By Gaynor Warlow (23/04/2020)