Memories of Hertfordshire

A video from youtube

By Mic Stewart

A film about memories of Hatfield in the 50’s

click the image to see the film

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  • Msg for Derek
    Many thanks for email. Yes l do know the book and several others. I was recently in touch with John Mayalls wife about Mick Taylors time with Bluesbreakers and playing The Hop in WGC.
    I also “pitched” a TV programme concept some years ago Rock n roll Roads. So the A1 would have featured Hatfield etc

    By Mike Rush (18/09/2020)
  • So interesting to read all these comments/memories etc of Hatfield. However apart from the reference to The Breaks no one has mentioned Hatfields influence on the 60s/70s music scene. Donovan (the English Bob Dylan) Mick Taylor( John Mayall, Rolling Stones)
    Colin Blunstone(Zombies) Alan Shacklock (The Juniors and record production) Paul and Nigel Griggs(Cortinas Octopus) Barbara Gaskin (Hatfield and The North) and many more that made the music scene so vibrant.

    By Mike Rush (14/09/2020)
  • After leaving Gascoigne (58) l went to school in WGC,so my “social”life was based there. I did play youth football for Hatfield New Town so have memories of The Breaks, it was our “home” pitch. Thanks to Jill for all her comments reminding me of the flats at Cornerfields and “the rec” and of course the famous tank in the Park. Great story about her brother.
    Keep those stories coming

    By Mike Rush (12/08/2020)
  • Mic, you took me back to when I was growing up in Hatfield, we lived in Corner fields flat and then Talbot road, then Aldykes, my brother was a chef at Hatfield house, I played in the old war tank in their grounds.
    A lot of my family still lives in Hatfield, so thanks for bringing back so many memories of places I loved
    We moved to Brighton when I was a kid, my mum did a moonlight flit on a train with us all, hope you get this as its 7 yrs since you placed this lovely song on here, thanks Mic Gill

    By Gill my surname was Shephard back then (26/07/2020)