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St Audrey's Camping & Sailing

By Michael Browne

DO you know the only person who have a ? against their position on the photograph listing. I would love to know as they are also possibly un-named on the 1950s School Photograph listing (see another posting). It was taken on the banks of Sailhouse Broad in Norfolk in the spring I think of 1951 when a group of us boys were taken by the Headmaster (Curly Kirkham) and the Arts Master on a Camping and Sailing 6 day holiday. The boys were split into three teams that took turns in running the camp,  using the canoes and boat and sailing along the local Broads in a full sized Yacht. The camp team joined the boating group with the two canoes and dingy when not on duty.

The known names, thanks to Mike Rout’s contribution are as follows

Standing – Robert Vardy, Desmond Parsons, Mike Needham, Tony Rennie, David Austin, Leonard Groom, Brian Lane,  ?, Ronnie Jay, Richard Austin , Derek Robinson, Mike Rout,  Mr Holborough (Art Teacher)

Sitting -Robin Folds, Martin Bun, Mike Browne (Me)

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  • Thanks Mike for filling in the blanks, only one missing name now and I believe I’m sure it was Ravenall or something similar. I will now update the article. You are only the second person to contact re any of the articles I have put in. Can you help on the 1950s photo?

    Mike Browne,  living in Weymouth, Dorset. 

    By Michael Browne (14/05/2015)
  • That is me next to Mr Holborough standing behind you the young one of the party, left of the cooking pot Robin Folds & Martin Bunn. Not Teddy but Ronnie Jay, Brian Lane behind the pot. Great days! I hope this finds you well Mike Rout.

    By michael rout (mike or mick) (20/12/2014)