A Request from the Present Headmaster

Who were the past head teachers?

By Mike Harpham

Currently the Headteacher at Onslow St Audrey’s school in Hatfield and am looking to get a timeline of all the headteachers that have been at the school. Anyone who went there able to let me know when you were there (or at Onslow or St Audrey’s Schools) and who was the Headteacher at the time?

We recently found a load of photos going back to 1924 – so that’s my goal. The school bell from 1850 though is the ultimate date!!

look forward to hearing from all you ex- students!

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  • I have just discovered some old school reports of my grandfather’s (Thomas McMillan) dating 1927 to 1930. All have the headmaster listed as B. H. Oliver

    By Sarah Walker (31/01/2024)
  • My name is Thomas Tomazou and I was a pupil at the school in 1970. I had a teacher called Patricia Camron who I am trying to locate, to tell her about my brother who died March 2022.

    By thomas tomazou (13/01/2023)
  • I was there 80-85 when mr Clark was head and Mr Gold was deputy head although I feel their may have been a woman in the deputy role to begin with). I recall Mr Bastable (maths top floor on A block) (a legend) had a profound effect on me and serves will even today as a senior aerospace engineer and mrs bowyer my form tutor 1N to 5N.

    By Anthony foster (30/08/2022)
  • I was Head Girl at Onslow School during 1976/77. Stephen Evans was Head Boy. I remember Mr Clarke as Headmaster and before him Mr Giles. Also Mrs Goscombe (spelling?) as Head Mistress or Deputy Head. She always seemed very stern, but was absolutely lovely to me when I dissolved into tears on my last day at the school. She told me that whenever one door closes, another opens. Whilst home from university I bumped into her one day with my (now) husband and she told him to look after me! Fond memories.

    By Joy Schofield (nee Franks) (17/04/2021)
  • I attended St Audrey’s School in Traveller’s Lane from 1959 to 1963. Headmaster was Mr Cater and Mrs Stein the Headmistress. Teachers during that time were Mr Ken Morgan, Mr Ken Adams, Miss Violet Godfrey, Mr Stone, Mr Roberts, Mrs Carnell, Mr Wicks, Mr Voss, Mr Norman. My sister attended from 1956 to 1960 and my mother attended the old St Audrey’s when it was at Endymion Road.

    By Lynne Dawes (nee Ruskin) (08/02/2021)
  • Further to my previous comment, I should have said it was Mr Sexton MA NOT Mr Giles when I started in 1958- 1962 Mr Giles took over from Mr Sexton, apologies if I misled anyone.

    By Chris Connell (27/02/2020)
  • Started Onslow in 1958 under Mr Giles MA he was a great headmaster.

    By Chris Connell (26/02/2020)
  • My grandfather B.H.Oliver was head of the school for 30 years until his retirement in 1949. Unfortunately I never knew him but I have an album which was presented to him when he retired. It contains many photos of old pupils.

    By Ruth Linda Oliver (08/11/2019)
  • I was at St Audrey’s 48 to 52 and Mr. B H Oliver was the head. He was a veteran of WW1. During my second year John Kirkham took over. He was a veteran of WW2 and a refreshing addition to the staff. A great guy.

    By Gerald ( Butch) Bullen (06/03/2019)
  • The headmaster of the original onslow grammar/ sec mod school was Mr Ralph sexton……………when my children went to onslow the headmaster was Mr Clarke and deputy head was Mrs fisher

    By Diana Hickey (04/09/2018)
  • I was a pupil from 1966-71 when the head was Mr Giles

    By Janine Lawrence (11/06/2018)
  • Hi, pupil at Onslow before it merged with St Audreys. Michael Clarke was head master when I started in 1983, then duty head Len Gold took over then I think it was Mr Meredith. This is relatively recent, so you probably have this information already.

    By Adam Hold (25/04/2018)
  • I’ve remembered the head master after Mr Cater, it was Mr Steadman – very stern chap 🙂

    By Judith Arnopp (20/02/2018)
  • I was there 1971 – 1977. When I started the headmaster was Mr Cater; he died, heart attack as I recall while he was teaching. I can’t recall the next head’s name, although I can see his face; if it comes to me, I will let you know.

    By Judith Arnopp (16/02/2018)
  • My great aunt, Edith Violet Smith, was headmistress of your school from 1933. I presume she was there until her retirement in about the 1950s. I wonder if you have any photos or information about her, please.

    By Peta McCauley (26/01/2018)