Names-to-Faces Matching Game

Chris Hepden

Exercise your memory – and recollect for a while. Do you have a copy of your year’s New Entries panoramic photo ? Don’t pretend you wouldn’t do it: we’ve all tried the irresistable test of trying to remember names for the people standing, sitting, or kneeling near you in the photo ?

Are you still in touch with any fellow pupils from some 50++ years ago ?

A few of my HS contacts and I have already started the game, with varying levels of intensity and completeness, so if you’d like to join in or start trying, or just want a copy of your year’s photo, please mail me at [] and I can transfer you files of:

Extract from 1966 New Intake photo


Your year’s New Intake photo – check the lists in the ‘Panoramic Photos’ Post to make sure I’ve got your year, they’re all available up to 1970, and some later ones too.







Extract from 1955 Admissions Register







A list of names, from the Admissions Registers – they’re available up to 1966;










From the list below you can see if anyone is already working on your year’s photo and names. If you want to contact anyone mentioned below, email me with your Entry year, via []  , and they will pass me your message, which I’ll then forward to the person you ask to contact.

Entry year,,photo                  Already playing the NTFM Game

1953                                          Lorna Barford(now Noble), +TBD

1954                                          TBD

1955                                          Michael Hutton, +TBD

1956                                          Beryl Foster(now Watson), John Rennocks,Tom Templeman

1957                                          Chris Hepden, Mike Attfield, Graham Morris, Colin Tether, David Hutton,

Jeff Humphry, Mike Mende

1958                                           Julie Bishop(now Capasso), David Harkess, Richard Sharpe

1959                                          Dave Mobbs, Barbara Stanley

1960                                          TBD

1961                                          Susan Hawkins(now Glands)

1962                                          TBD

1963                                          Lorna Bain(now Joy), Peter Agate, Steve Dumpleton

6thForm 1964                          Beryl Foster(now Watson), Chris Hepden, David Hutton,
David Harkess, Richard Sharpe, Julie Bishop(now Capasso)

1964                                          TBD

6thForm 1965                          TBD

1965                                          TBD

1966                                          Paul Atkin, David Kohn, David Edwards, Dee Golder

1967                                          TBD

1968                                          TBD

U6thForm 1973                       Ming Tam, David Edwards, TBD

1978                                          Ian Shippen


Chris Hepden, HS 1957-64


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  • I have a copy of the school entry photograph dated 1960. It once belonged to the school secretary and every pupil is named- all sitting in form order and alphabetical!
    I also have most copies of the school magazine from this period.
    Are these of interest for the archives.

    Mick Ansell 1960-1967

    By Michael Ansell (25/12/2020)

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