Queenswood School

By Miriam Gaskin

Queenswood School. Does anyone remember these photos or recognise anyone?

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  • I’m joining this thread 2 years late, but for what it’s worth the dark-haired lady behind the flag (not wearing parachuting clothes) was the headmistress at the time, Audrey Butler. I went to Queenswood when this jump took place, but I can’t remember which exact year this was. It was sometime in the ’80’s. The colour photo is of Trew House and Trew Lawn.

    By Sophy Higgins (23/10/2015)
  • I pretty much grew up playing in the grounds of Queenswood School, my grandad was a groundsman and my nan worked in the kitchens.They both lived in a flat on site. Used to love playing in the woods and riding on the tractor with grandad

    By Stephen Sanders (22/06/2013)