13th Battalion de Havilland Home Guard

This photo, owned by Jean West (nee Birchall) is of the 13th Battalion de Havilland Home Guard marching past the Hatfield War Memorial in 1943. The man with his head turned is Jean West's father Samuel Birchall. He turned to smile at his family who were standing on the pavement just to the right of the photo. Jean said her Father got a reprimand for not keeping his eyes to the front.
Another of Jean Wests's photos of the 13th Battalion de Havilland Home Guard. By the end of 1942 the 13th battalion headquarters at de Havillands had control over Companies A, B,C & D, there was also an additional Light Anti-aircraft battery based at the factory.
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  • My Dad was in the 14th Battn. Please can someone tell me how I can contact their webpage,/historian/whoever?
    Thank you

    By Barbara Gault (28/07/2019)
  • My father, Leonard Boreham, was in the Home Guard in Hatfield as he worked at de Havilland’s. I think I have identified him on the second photograph (on the right of the man in the suit), but I can’t be too sure as I didn’t know him then. I was born in 1947. My sister, Sheila, was born in 1936 but she died 10 years ago. Can you name any of the others on the photo?

    By Christine Hinderlider (née Boreham) (29/07/2018)