Development of the Mosquito

By Michael Browne

Photo of Adaption team

Just found your site and would like to send a photo of the team that did all the adaptions for the various versions of the mosquito. My dad Thomas Browne was one of them and worked throughout the War in a small hanger at the western end of the factory just north of the Comet Hotel. They also designed the patterns of the joints when spars had to be repaired out in the airfields to ensure the strength of the plane was not compromised.

Do you know the names of these men?

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  • Hi, this is a long shot but I’m researching my Grandfather who worked on the Mosquito, Comet and Chipmunk, on the landing gear design specifically, namely the braking systems. His name was Bernard Cooper and he was a hydrolics specialist and mechanical design engineer.
    If anyone has any information regardless of how small it may seem it would be helpful.
    Many thanks.

    By Eleanor Furze (07/06/2019)
  • In your Mosquito photograph, standing extreme right has to be my cabinet maker dad Bill (William Henry) Pyle.

    I was born at Hatfield in 1938 where my father worked for DH from 1935 until the end of the war building Rapides, Moths and Mosquitos. 

    In October 1940, Bill and a workmate left their workshop to fetch glue from the stores moments before the Luftwaffe attack on their companions. Dad lost his tool chest and jacket – a small price to pay. 

    John de Havilland, whilst serving his apprenticeship, briefly spent time with dad on the workbench and took him for a flip in a Tiger Moth one dinner break.

    I would dearly like a copy of the photo and appreciate the efforts of Michael Browne and all.

    Bill (William Robin) Pyle, Whitchurch, Shropshire.

    By Bill Pyle (23/10/2016)
  • I still know Robin Browne, son of Thomas, and brother of Michael. I met Vic Manning and family just outside Montreal in about 1967. I believe the Mannings lived at one time on Crawford Road in Hatfield and he was a friend of my Father, Robert (Bob) Simms. Vic also worked for my employer Royal Bank of Canada in Montreal in the Maintenance Department. My whole career was spent in various branches of RBC until I retired in November 2001. While my wife and I still live on Vancouver Island, Robin and his wife have moved to the Mainland to be closer to family.

    Roger Simms.

    By Roger Simms (10/03/2016)
  • Thanks Julie, I gather you got the photo. I do not recall your grandfather’s name but Len Mason is a name I had forgotten but remember often being spoken, He was a great friend of my father. he had been I believe a Banardo’s Boy, and around the late 50s I know he lived in Welham Green because I drove my father to his home to deliver some tools that he needed for a job on his house. All the working crew were woodworkers (carpenters, pattern makers or cabinet makers)


    By Michael Browne (26/09/2015)
  • hi!

    You have probably already been contacted by my aunt or father.  But in case you haven’t, I think that one of the men in your Mosquito photo is my granddad, Victor Manning.  He is in the second row from the bottom (seated) and third from the left (Hands clasped in his lap).  My aunt recognizes another man who was a friend, just to my granddad’s right, Len Mason.

    Could you please let me know if my family may get a copy of this photo?  No one has ever seen it before and it was a fantastic discovery that my aunt made on your website, while researching her hometown of Hatfield.

    Thanks very much,

    Julie Tamiko Manning

    By Julie Tamiko Manning (27/08/2015)

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