Birchwood Methodist Church

By Jean Cross

Birchwood Methodist Church then....
Courtesy of Paul Savage
... in 1962
David Webb
...and now. Birchwood Methodist Church
Jean Cross

The original Birchwood Methodist Church was built on the corner of Birchwood Avenue and Homestead Road during 1936 and opened in 1938.

It was demolished in 2013 having been vacated in 2007 but brought back into use in 2009 as the recession stopped plans for a replacement.

The new church was finally built and opened in 2014/15


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  • The Methodist church was/is situated at the junction
    of Birchwood Avenue and Heathcote Avenue.

    By Albert Jackson (17/04/2020)
  • The 5th Hatfield Scout Troup used to meet here back in the late 1940s and early 50s. I was a member until I joined the District Senior Scout group that used to meet in Batterdale.

    When the 1st Hatfield were resited at Birchwood Farm about 1953 from the Great North Road, the scouts of the 5th joined up with the 1st. I assisted the Scout Master at Birchwood farm until I was called for National Service in 1956 and when demobbed in 1958 was the Cubmaster of the 1st until I left Hatfield in Oct 1959.

    Mike (Buster) Browne

    By Michael Browne (14/07/2016)