Newtown County Primary School

By Michael Ansell

We had to be on our best behaviour because We were having a visit from the school governors.  We had to sit very quietly whilst Mrs McC ( Better known as Barbara Cartland ), swept along the corridor wearing a large wide brimmed hat which matched her leopardskin coat. You will remember that the corridor walls had window panes above four feet so that we could be observed, so our view of the grand visitation was only a head and shoulders image. People in my class, Phil Slater, Peter Dawes, Ann Jones, Timothy Collinson, Alan Thompson, Michael Davey, Roger Thorneycroft, Geoffry Poore, Dvaid Johnston, Lesley Davis, John Halsey, Michael Pritchard, Judy Argles, Georgie Suski, Ian Thompson, Roy Talbot, Sally Jeremiah, Michael OHarah, Jillian Felton……..  And many more. Dates 1954 – 1960

and our teachers Mr Preston, Mr Willis, Miss Cotterill, Mr Pomfrey,  Mr Evans, Mr Ecob, Miss Allen, Mr Pitman, Mr Fisher, Mr Halsey caretaker.

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  • All of us Feltons went to Dellfield Rd school. Jillian is the oldest and is a grandmother, living in the northeast.

    By Miles Felton (29/04/2018)
  • My brother Chris Craddock went to Newtown school I think Mr Joe Preston was head? They had a small farm there and outside toilets!

    By Liz Walters (28/03/2015)

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