Hazelgrove JMI School

By Christine Martindale

Hazelgrove School opened in 1954 to serve the growing population of South Hatfield.  By 2004 with empty school places and the risk on numbers continuing to fall plans were proposed to merge the school with Five Oaks School in Travellers Lane.  The buildings of Five Oaks were remodelled and refurbished.  The new school was to  reopened in Sept 2004 and renamed de Havilland Primary School.





see also http://www.ourhatfield.org.uk/page/de_havilland_primary_school?path=0p128p160p

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  • I was one of the first pupils at Hazelgrove. We used to have to walk to what is now Hatfield University for our schooling, where the council rented a couple of classrooms, before our new school was built. I have very fond memories of my time at Hazelgrove, with Mr Morgan, Mr and Mrs Stanford, Miss Fawkley, Mr Humphreys. They were all strict but fair, lovely teachers, and I still remember them with great affection, after over 60 years.

    By Rita Philbey (05/06/2017)
  • I went to Hazelgrove from 1965-1971. Mr Stanford along with his wife was headmaster. I remember he was a heavy smoker and she was terrifying! Happy days as it was a great school and I made many friends there. Mrs Gilmour, Miss Bailey, Miss Ritchie, Mr Morgan, Miss Waters, Miss Collins. We did some great plays including “Oliver” over the years. I remember the playing fields were next to the abattoir! We were lucky to have the lovely Mr Page as headmaster start before the Stanfords left!

    By Liz Walters (28/12/2016)
  • I was at Hazelgrove from late 77/early 1978 to ?1981 under the Headship of Mr Page and only discovered recently when I took my husband on a tour of my old neighbourhood that the school had been demolished and built on – a bit of a shock.  I joined the infants in Miss Allcroft’s class – my memory of her is of bright red plastic earrings and beads and lipstick – and of her sending me to stand in the corner after stamping my feet to get rid of pins and needles in my feet.  Miss Putnam (?) really encouraged our reading and artwork, though I remember she did not take kindly to someone putting a drawing pin upended on her chair and kept us all in at playtime until someone confessed… Music features a lot in my memories and it was at Hazelgrove I learned to read music and play the recorder – something I have taken up again recently in my forties! Although we moved away from Hatfield when I was 8, I look back at my time at Hazelgrove with great fondness. 

    By Joanne Metcalf nee Read (15/05/2016)

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